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A  Novotel Hotel facing the Guayas River

The hotel´s  project site  comprehends  the  most  ambicious  urban renovation  project    of the past century  in Guayaquil . The project  Malecon 2000  turns the face of the city  to the long  forgotten  Guayas River  and it´s  ovious relationship to the city , creating a promenade of  events    like:  squares , bridges , food courts , cultural  and comercial spaces and hotel acommodations.  The 7800m2 hotel  is located at the northern part  of Malecon 2000 , where the most important inmediant  neighbours  within  Malecon 2000 are: east a Botanical garden  , north  the new  Ecuadorian Museum of  modern  art  ,south the promenade Malecon 2000 and  west  the Guayas River .   The architechtonical propposal  from the ecuadorian  architects Christian Wiese and Alberto  Elizalde  is based  on  a rational approach  using  the most evident   typological ,topological and morphological  notions  relating to the project.  The typological approach is that of a 140 room and convention center   Novotel  horizontal  hotel ,  where a clear and strong image of modernity  is needed . The hotel is built on a platform over the river and inmediatly  facing it, enhacing  it´s  nautical character.  Finally  the  architects  recreate  Guayaquil´s  ship buliding  tradition  appealing  to  the  image  of  a spear  structure and  the  image of a  ship  being built


Interview with Mario Bellini

Mario Bellini was in Quito. Raul Guarderas interviewed the master r of the influential design Italian and consecrated architect. Bellini a referring one of the Italian design, left important reflections us to near their trajectory and of the present situation of the industrial design.
The complete interview in Spanish in


Contemporary Jewellery: a slightly undefined practise

An extraordinarily shaped river-bottom stone is turned into a piece of artwork. With the spirit of minimalist exercise, a coconut section is carved as the silver wellspring emerges. The ivory palm cascade whitens the neat roots of refreshed precious metals. All these are conceptual games that excel in sensuality and display the generous shapes of creative feelings. They translate the spiritual essence into daring sculptures. They embellish the lustful shoulders of the earth colours. They swiftly adapt to the sinuous flavours of life. They are chiaroscuro toys with textures, shapeless silhouettes, and perception of the ten fire tongues. They evolve in earrings with pulp lobes that attract the overflow of emotions and materialize alongside the feminine clarinet. They melt into rainforests, waterfalls, sumptuous moorlands and golden rivers. To offer up the bonds of love, they evolve into dazzling maggots and they capture the light of your evening dress.
These are the jewels of Mariana Moya: passionate work, sweat, craftsmanship, trace, trademark and thought. Her jewels are something else than handicrafts, jewellery, effort or vanguard design. Her artwork implies research, action, values and life. Her pieces smile and cry as she does. Her job springs into existence the bottomless corporeal nature of the universal woman surrounded by the radical fragmentation of the feminine essence.
This is the reason of her testimony.

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