Posters against Right-Wing Extremism

Taking a committed stand against right-wing radicalism, xenophobia and intolerance usually amounts to nothing more than non-committal verbal remarks. That is not the way of the famous Stuttgart graphic designer HACE (Frey). So without further ado, he offered a prize of DM 10,000 for an internal poster competition of the Association of German Graphic Designers (BDG). design report donated a special prize of DM 2,500.
The 41 entries submitted were judged according to strict criteria: what was important was an up-to-date form of visualisation, historicising solutions were to be avoided. The portrayal was to appeal to a broad public and correspond to high typographical and graphic standards.
The jury convened on 17th February 2001 at the Independent College of Art in Stuttgart. The members were Zdenka Yousefzamani, Robert Glogowski, Klaus Karsten, Albert Niekamp and Wolfgang Ross, HACE was present as a guest. Miroslav Wagner was awarded first prize for his poster "Nochmals" ("Again"). Ruth Alber received the special prize for "be careful!". The prizes were presented and the exhibition opened on 22nd March 2001 at the Haus der Wirtschaft in Stuttgart by the patron of the exhibition, the justice minister of Baden-Württemberg Ulrich Goll. Goll explicitly praised the commitment of the BDG and hoped the posters would receive plenty of publicity. The next venues planned for the exhibition are the state parliaments in Düsseldorf and Mainz. wog

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against Right-Wing Extremism

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