Marcel Louis Baugniet

The Museum of Contemporary and Modern Art of Liege (Belgium) is presenting
the first retrospective exhibition of the multidisciplinary work of Marcel
Louis Baugniet from March 16th to May 27th.
A pioneer of figurative and futuro-cubist art in Belgium, Baugniet is also
famous for his modernist creations in the field of furniture and objects.
Married to the avant-garde dancer Akarova, he has also worked on stage
For the first time, this exhibition enables one to compare the different
aspects of the work of this artist, which cover the 20th century.
For our part, we think that his contribution to the decorative arts is more
convincing than his pictorial productions, which are sometimes irregular.
Up to you to judge. A catalogue is available.


"Présence de l'objet"

A superb ceramic exhibition is being held at the old stables at Grand-Hornu,
near Mons in Belgium. Assembled by the French association CRAFT (Centre de
Recherche des Arts du Feu et de la Terre), the creations of about twenty
artists, designers and architects make the most of this beautiful material.
The neo-kitch installation of Wim Delvoye or the usual ruins of Anne and
Patrick Poirier are shown besides a centerpiece by Martin Szekely, the
uneven vases of Marco Mencacci or the delicate pieces of Olivier Gagnere.
Ron Arad and Javier Mariscal show us how to reinvest ceramics for sanitary
uses. The new uses of ceramic are also evoked through a prototype of
radio/mortar of Thomson which one would like to see soon on our tables.
Until May 6, 2001. Every day except Mondays from 10.00 to 18.00.
Grand-Hornu Images, rue Sainte-Louise, 82, 7301 Hornu, Belgium
Tel: 32 0 65 77 07 12


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Marcel-Louis Baugniet, dish

Martin Szekely, centerpiece
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