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Tokyo Style in Stockholm (tentative)

The bridge is built, let's cross it in both directions! Tokyo Style, welcome to Stockholm!

Japanese culture has always had a strong influence and attraction on Swedish creators. Today, the young generation are discovering new areas of fascination. Events such as Swedish Style in Tokyo have created the opportunity to share contemporary life style, creating new contacts and meeting points. The mutual enthusiasm is already established. Now it is time to let the flow go in the other direction! The dynamic city life of Tokyo inspires young Swedes. At the same time Tokyo will benefit from positive media coverage within new areas, after long time of articles about economic recession.

Stockholm has lately enjoyed a reputation as a creative meeting place in the north, especially in areas such as design and lifestyle. "Sweden - a space for minds!" is the new marketing concept for Sweden. On this line, the idea was born to invite one world city at a time to come to Sweden. The city of Stockholm, situated on water, is offered as the platform to stimulate meetings between creators across the borders.