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News Letter - 2003/10


We are deligthed to announce our positive decision to organize TOKYO STYLE IN STOCKHOLM 2004, a celebration of Japanese-Swedish creativity that will occupy several parts of downtown Stockholm during the summer of 2004. The public festivities will be concentrated between August 5-10, and several exhibitions will continue into September. Thank you so much for your kind support, now and into the future.

On September 24th we gave our first launch party in Stockholm at Berns Restaurant, attended by some 300 guests, including journalists, partners, creators and other friends. The Governor of Stockholm Mr Mats Hellström gave his public support and elegantly delivered a haiku poem. Several new partners signed up to join our event that night!

In Tokyo we joined forces with the Stockholm Visitors' Board and the Swedish Tourist Board at the Embassy of Sweden on October 9th, in the midst of ongoing Swedish Style in Tokyo celebration. We were honoured by the presence of Mr Minoru Mori, who kindly delivered his personal support letter for the event, encouraging others supporters to join. The information session was followed by a party with sweets and salts from Sweden and Japan and an improvised exhibition for the evening of mixed Swedish and Japanese young creators.

As for the content, many proposals have been made from both Sweden and Tokyo. At the moment we are deluged with fantastic suggestions, which we will carefully study and mangle through a structural process. Urbanism seems definitely to be the common theme, embracing all from popular mass and street culture to advanced academic discussions on urban phenomenas in Asia versus Europe. Both from micro and macro perspectives.

Just to mention some examples, one of the main attractions in this context is that we are trying to bring the large scale model of Minato-ku and Roppongi Hills by Mori Building, with the support by Mr Minoru Mori, and in cooperation with the Museum of Architecture in Stockholm. We feel this could really be a vital part of a Tokyo Style event in Stockholm.

Many other exciting events are in the making, within architecture, design, fashion, music, food, photo, film, multimedia. There are even some events already planned before, such as a large summer exhibition at "Kulturhuset" in the center of Stockholm with Yoko Ono. We are collaborating with Tokyo Designers Block to bring young designers. Creators' Channel and Nippon Beauty Academy will bring hair- and makeup students as well as established creators, opening possibilities for increcible fashion and Tokyo stylish events. Namaiki, who has made our fun logo, are planning for work shops involving various creators of different nationalities, Klein-Dytham architects are also key players. We are hoping to invite Leni Basso dance group to the Dansens Hus of Stockholm. A Victor Entertainment sponsored contest to create a Japanese pop star from the Swedish music is in progress. Lydmar Hotel, who realized the contemporary Japanese art weekend J-WAVE in 2000, wants to do a J-WAY reloaded again. Just to mention a few of the many events. By the end of the year, we shall have a clearer idea of the priority events.

In March next year will will present a preliminary program at press conferences in Sweden and in Japan. Meanwhile, we will also make efforts to spread the word around in Europe and welcome them to join our event. BON Magazine will be our magazine and printed mattersÅf partner, but we have not yet decided on our official daily paper partner.

We hope that TOKYO STYLE IN STOCKHOLM 2004 will become a space for communication between Japan and Sweden as well as Japan and Europe towards the future, through its planning, preparation and actual event. Suggestions and ideas are warmly welcome. It is important to keep in mind that the basic idea is to transmit a feeling of contemporary Tokyo city pulse, which could be expressed by anyone, despite background or nationality, who has an interest with ideas that fit into the concept and vitalizes the project.

Over 20 facilities in Stockholm have declared their interest in hosting exhibitions and events, including arenas in the central area such as Kulturhuset (Culture Center), Architectural Museum, Museum of Modern Art, Design Center Svensk Form, Royal College of Art, Dansens Hus, just to mention a few together with several more galleries, clubs and shops. (map)
While having spent quite some time to work out the technical administration and identifying our official partner, we also sent out an inquiry in August/September to some 200 companies in Sweden and in Japan. We have yet to follow up on our contacts, but after the first round, we are pleased to have some 20 companies in Sweden and 15 companies in Japan, who have declared their potential participation and we will now continue the discussions for or individual requirements and expectations. We will announce the names as soon as we have made our agreements. New partners are contacting us almost daily recently, so we have good hopes for the future.
Nordic Light Hotel will be our official hotel partner, and another 20 hotels and restaurants have declared interest in participating in the event, and we expect many more to come.

On the official side we are grateful to be supported by the City of Stockholm through the Stockholm Visitors' Board, which officially decided on October 9th, to support the project with 500.000 SEK. Further support has already been given by the Swedish Travel & Tourism Council, The Hotel and Restaurant Owners' Association and the Swedish Tourist Authority. A special reception for our VIPs from Japan will be given in the City Hall, where the Nobel Prize festivities are held.

Even if we feel a positive response and great interest in participation, it is crucial that we can raise the basic financing before the end of this year in order to create a successful event. Our minimum budget has to reach around 100 million JPY (7 million SEK) in order to realize our basic plan. At present we estimate that we have around 2.5 million SEK (40 million JPY)

Within the month of November, we will ask for decision from our potential supporters, when the first basic participation fee will be invoiced. Some partners might prefer to make financial commitment within this budgetary year, others prefer waiting. Latest payment will be one month prior to the event. November is the month to try to stabilize the financing.

We are working with several travel agents in Sweden and in Japan, such as Tumlare and Nettravel and N-tours who are preparing attractive special packages for trips to Stockholm in connection with the TOKYO STYLE IN STOCKHOLM 2004. Joint with the official Swedish Tourist authorities, and everybody is ready to do their outmost to welcome many friends from Japan! SAS has offered to be our official carrier for the event.

From now on, we'll inform you of the latest information as newsletters via e-mail and URL. Let us know if you wish to be on our list, and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
We promise, they will be shorter in the future!

Yours sincerely,

Ewa A. Kumlin

David d'Heilly