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  The project proposal is built on the pillars of culture, business and tourism. Occupying an entire section of Stockholm, TOKYO STYLE IN STOCKHOLM 2004 will introduce a wide range of contemporary Japanese art, design, music, architecture, performance, food, fashion, film, photograph, technology, science, and more. TOKYO STYLE IN STOCKHOLM 2004 will be formatted like a magazine. Walking through TOKYO STYLE IN STOCKHOLM 2004 will be like browsing through its pages; with food articles you can eat, fashion spreads that you can wear... stimulating experiences for young and old will be waiting for visitors as they travel the city, turning a corner as though flipping to a new page. Meet your friends at the design page, and find them sitting on stylish chairs of the latest Tokyo designers. Check out the food page together and taste new culinary delights, and meet their creators. Go catch the music page and dance up a storm. Afterwards, take in the film page, and join in discussions with the director or critic after the screening. The work selected for each section will be both intellectually provocative, while also being an something which can be actively experienced. It will be an event to go to with a friend, to share a playful experience together from halfway around the world, creating stimulating memories that you can look back on, and talk about for years to come.

TOKYO STYLE IN STOCKHOLM 2004 will be a meeting place for sharing inspirations and imaginations, facilitating both cultural and business encounters through the project, it will be valuable experience for participants and partners alike, creating a basis for a more intimate and active relationship in the future.