International Furniture Fair in Stockholm,
7.-11. February 2001

PIIROINEN - contemporary
Finnish design

by Professor Antti Nurmesniemi, Mr Kaarle Holmberg, Mr Pasi Pänkäläinen, Ms Sari Anttonen, Mr Asko Lax, Mr Antti Kotilainen


Arvo Piiroinen Oy is a 50 year-old privately owned company known for its high-quality contract furniture collection. The collection has been built up with some of the leading Finnish furniture designers. Elegant design and professional manufacturing are key elements of the collection. The range comprises five clean-cut and fresh lines: Nurmesniemi, Arena, Kiss, Dome and Chip.

In addition to their own furniture collection, Piiroinen specialises in the manufacture and finishing of metal products. Customers of the component division, which include some of the major European office furniture manufacturers, have learned to trust the high quality of the products and appreciate the precision operations of the company.

The Nurmesniemi line of furniture includes items designed by the internationally recognised Professor Antti Nurmesniemi. At the heart of the collection is the Triennale 001 chair which was originally displayed at the Milan Triennale in 1960. Despite the extremely enthusiastic reception the chair was not manufactured until 1995. After 12 months of intensive co-operation between the designer and the manufacturer, the 001 chair was re-launched at Orgatec in 1996. Since 1960, the collection has been augmented by arm chair 001A, chair 002, stool 003 and table 004. In 1997, the jury of the Chicago Athenaeum awarded the chair and table of this collection the Good Design Award, and the furniture to enter the permanent collection of the museum. Professor Nurmesniemi will continue to develop the collection with new pieces.

The Arena furniture line, designed by Pasi Pänkäläinen and Kaarle Holmberg, was introduced in 1992. Frames of the products are made of tapered tubular steel which gives the furniture a refined and finished look. The collection has been well received by architects and interior designers in Finland and abroad. In 1994, the collection was awarded an honourable mention at the Pro Finnish Design Awards. Furthermore, at the Habitare 95 Fair in Helsinki the company was nominated the Interior Design Phenomenon of the Year by the Interior Decorators' Association of Finland. Outdoor chair 024 and table 101 were selected by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design to Good Design 1998 Exhibition and the Museum's Permanent Design Collection.

At Habitare 99 Fair in Helsinki, a line of auditorium seating, designed by Pasi Pänkäläinen, was introduced along with some other novelties. In 2000 the jury of the Chicago Athenaeum awarded the Arena auditorium furniture the Good Design Award. The development of the Arena-collection continues to meet the requirements of the customers, and to find new completing products to the collection.

Sari Anttonen has created the witty and neat Kiss chair that was introduced in Orgatec Exhibition in Cologne 1998. The Kiss chair was selected to the Design Store of Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA, in 1999. It was also nominated to the Habitare Top Ten and was awarded the Good Design Award by the Chicago Athenaeum. The chair is comfortable to sit on due to the elastic polyurethane seat and back. The combination of identical polyurethane elements and a simple metal structure make the seat and back rest easy to fix onto the metal frame without screws. The simplicity of the design has been combined with a unique structural innovation that makes it ideal for use in cafes and restaurants. The chair comes with a matt chromed tubular frame, with or without armrests and is available in eight colours. The metal frame, as well as the polyurethane parts are 100% recyclable. Co-operation between the designer and manufacturer is set to continue.

Dome is a comfortable stacking chair that allows plenty of sitting room. This is achieved by the latest use of technology that allows birch and beech veneer to be flexed in a new way. The tubular steel frame can be either powder coated, chromed or matt chromed and with or without armrests. Alcantara, leather or fabric can be used for upholstery. A new arm chair augmented the collection in autumn 1999. A writing tablet and a row connecting device will be available as accessories. Asko Lax intends to use this new technology to make further additions to the collection.

In Orgatec 2000 we have introduced a new Chip chair from Finnish designer Antti Kotilainen. The Chip chair is once again an excellent example of the fruitful co-operation between Piiroinen and young designers. The Chip chair supports our idea to create something unique by demonstrating the high technical knowhow in Piiroinen combined with latest technology in furniture industry.

The revolutionary innovation in Chip is its lightness. This is accomplished by using strong but elastic steel frame made of hard steel and the seat and back made of so called "aircraft plywood" the thickness of which is only 4,2 mm. The fittings are also made of light, new materials. Every piece of the chair has been considered separately to achieve the lowest weight possible. In that way we have achieved the total weight of little more than three kilograms.

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