On display at the Stallet showroom, Stockholm:
New sofas for OFFECCT,
designed by Eero Koivisto

  OFFECCT, along with Eero Koivisto, one of Sweden’s most internationally renowned designers, have developed a new collection of seating consisting of three spacious sofas with accompanying easy chairs: UPTOWN, MIDTOWN and DOWNTOWN. The furniture has more generous seat dimensions than we are used to, and is inspired by crowded cities such as New York.
"The modern city, with its intensity of communication and information, shapes the age we live in. An age where the pace of life is hectic, where the boundaries between home and office are becoming increasingly blurred. This creates scope for furniture that can function in both the home and the workplace. When public spaces are too ‘cramped’, people want spaciousness in their personal spaces," says designer Eero Koivisto.  
  The division of Manhattan into different districts and cultures has given the furniture its names: UPTOWN, MIDTOWN and DOWNTOWN. The furniture is both deeper and wider than traditional sofas and easy chairs. There is plenty of space to stretch out on the sofas, even for tall people, and you can curl up on the extra-wide easy chairs. The furniture is comfortable, and allows plenty of room for movement. Urban furniture, but not just for urban environments.

Stimuli from the surrounding world create innovation.

"Over the years, we have worked with recognised designers to produce interesting products that incorporate added values to help create good meetings between people. And our designers constantly receive stimuli from the surrounding world. We see examples of this in the new collection designed by Eero Koivisto," says Kurt Tingdal, responsible for marketing at OFFECCT, and continues: "This year, OFFECCT is going one step further and entering a partnership venture with several foreign world-famous designers such as Alfredo Häberli (Zurich), Jean-Marie Massaud (Paris), BarberOsgerby (London), Karim Rashid (New York) and Thomas Eriksson (Stockholm). Working with them and our current designers, we will continue to develop more products for creative and stimulating meeting places, and for new uses. In addition, it will help to strengthen the corporate image of our customers," says Kurt Tingdal.

Creative meeting places developed
with international designers

For further information, see www.offecct.se or contact:

Kurt Tingdal, responsible for marketing at OFFECCT, tel: +46 (0)504-415 31 or mobile +46 (0)70-581 33 83
or Gabriella Finnborg, responsible for publicity, PRAT Finnborg PR, mobile: +46 (0)708-64 44 15