Creative meeting places developed
with international designers
OFFECCT is at the forefront in Sweden in a unique partnership with some of the most in-vogue designers on the international market. The world premieres of new products and prototypes from BarberOsgerby (London), Jean-Marie Massaud (Paris), Alfredo Häberli (Zurich) and Thomas Eriksson (Stockholm) will be at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, 7-11 February. New products from Karim Rashid (New York) will be presented later in the year.

OFFECCT is making its largest investment ever in extending its partnership with well-known designers. The objective is to strengthen the company’s philosophy, which is to develop furniture and furnishings in accordance with the cmp (creative meeting places) concept.

As the top concept furniture company in Sweden, OFFECCT has formed an association with noted international designers.

The designers, working in different parts of the world, share contemporary design values. With OFFECCT, they will advance Scandinavian design and develop new products for creative meeting places.

"The world is changing, and we can see a strong tendency in today’s global society for people of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds to unite with shared feelings for form, design and materials. We will develop functional new products, for new and existing meeting places, aimed at an international public," says Kurt Tingdal, responsible for marketing at OFFECCT.

On display at the Stockholm Furniture Fair:

Thomas Eriksson’s new sofa F-SEAT is inspired by graphical symbols and designed for brief meetings. The chair, having no backrest, encourages many different sitting positions. F-SEAT is designed for open-plan offices, public interiors and offices.

  Alfredo Häberli’s new SOLITAIRE is an easy chair where one armrest is like a desktop, for writing, reading, eating or just sitting on. The freestanding chair revolves and, with its ingenious and functionally designed armrest, performs more functions than being just a seat.
Zenit Design Group is showing the new AQUA LIGHT conference table. A totally new, flexible table concept with circular apertures in the tops that are simple to adapt to requirements such as accommodating cables or holding accessories such as vases, ashtrays or candlesticks.  
  Eero Koivisto’s challenging new sofa collection ORBIT is inspired by movement. The backrest’s wave shape winds between the different sections: a sofa, a chair and a quadrant in a constant flow. The furniture can be combined, to grow and form new shapes for different types of meetings.
Table: AERIAL (prototype)
Design: Edward Barber, Jay Osgerby. 3D illustration.

Kurt Tingdal, responsible for marketing at OFFECCT, tel: +46 (0)504-415 31 or mobile +46 (0)70-581 33 83
or Gabriella Finnborg, responsible for publicity, PRAT Finnborg PR, mobile: +46 (0)708-64 44 15