Lepo Product Oy is a manufacturer of high quality design furniture and tailor made furniture for the shipbuilding industry. The knowledge how to produce seatings to luxury cruisers goes far back to the ‘50s, while the modern design line was introduced in the beginning of 1990. In year 1991 our best known model Paletti was voted Furniture of the Year by Finland’s interior architects.
  The Paletti range grew from one single chair to a whole family. The Paletti is designed by our chief designer Kaarle Holmberg. He has also created the innovative and ergonomical office furniture range Sitron. A work station on weels is easy to use at home as well.
Our designer Antti Kotilainen has designed the chair range Zooand the Woo chair. The Zoo is extremely versatile. The model L-331LT Zoo conference chair is used in Sweden by Apoteksbolaget, the chemist/pharmacy chain, as visitor’s chair in the waiting hall.The smaller chair like L-331 Zoo is perfect in coffee shops and modern restaurants. The latest model of ours is the wooden Woo, which can be used all in wood or with upholstered seat or seat and back covered. This model was chosen among others to a Monestry in Belgium.

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