Hanna Korvela Design Oy

Hanna Korvela Design Oy is a young but well-known textile design company which has received international recognition.

The company's international breakthrough was the Duetto carpet, which in 1997 received the German Der Rote Punkt design prize. Hanna Korvela's carpets combine Scandinavian traditions with a modern approach, variations in materials and structures and resulting tensions.

In addition to carpets and other series-production textiles, Hanna Korvela Design has produced numerous textile art works and liturgical textiles. It also provides a design service for other companies.

Hanna Korvela stresses the importance of beauty: she seeks beauty and protects it in her works, using it carefully and with proper focus. Korvela guides impressions with colours, shapes and materials and lets light and shadow form unique surfaces on textiles.  



Duetto: Modern and clean-lined cotton knit-paper yarn carpet. Strong, sturdy and luxuriant, surface geometrical and three-dimensional. Dustless, durable and recyclable.

Encore: Duetto's sister, with cotton knit intertwined with strong paper yarn. Light, thin and graphic. Same broad range as Duetto. Thanks to their clear design, Duetto and Encore can be used to bring together different rooms to form a whole, without dominating them.

Minore: Minimalist, clean and dignified wool carpet. Gives room to background, furniture and other decoration. The smooth surface is discrete but warm, the colour scale peaceful and soft. Despite its modern design language, Minore is also suitable for old interiors. It is excellent in public premises when the goal is to create a cosy and informal atmosphere.

Design service

Design service includes trend and design consulting as well as concrete product design. The products created in the design process respect the customer's values, contents and production conditions but are connected to Hanna Korvela Design's personal line. In addition to design, cooperation partners can receive assistance in quality development, production and marketing.


Textile design. Design service for other companies (product design, quality development, production and marketing.

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