OFFECCT interiör launches:

New furniture the meeting places of tomorrow

Swedish furniture company OFFECCT interiör is presenting a number of new products at this yearís Stockholm International Furniture Fair, 9-13 February. The range is being extended with new, well-designed furniture from internationally recognised interior designers such as Claesson, Koivisto & Rune, Rud Thygesen, Kasper Salto and Olle Andersson.

"Changes in our working environment are placing new demands on interior furnishings, and the trend is towards smaller and more intimate meetings. Colour, form and function have central roles in the creation of dynamic workplaces," says Kurt Tingdal, MD of OFFECCT interiör ab.

"Our holistic concept, CMP, which stands for Creative Meeting Places, is a success, and we are continuing to develop the concept consistently with new products and added values," says Kurt Tingdal.

Exciting meetings

This yearís news includes the DOPPIO range of furniture, the MONO easy chair, two new products in the TINTO range, the QVARTA recliner, the QOOL barstool and the M POINT chair.

Designer Eero Koivisto has created a completely new furniture range called DOPPIO, which complements OFFECCT interiörís CMP concept. The range includes chairs, easy chairs, tables, sofas and an armchair. The furnitureís strong appeal lies in the exciting meeting between back and seat. The pieces of furniture come together, like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, with spaces between them. DOPPIO radiates both complexity and simplicity in the directness and stylistic purity of its design.

Ola Runeís MONO easy chair has a unique design and construction. A totally new anti-slip system has been developed, which protects the floor and enhances the look of the easy chair. The looping frame, from which the seat is invisibly suspended, is dipped in a rubber material.

"Interior furnishings and the ambience are crucial. Creating different opportunities for inspiring meetings in the workplace makes companies and people grow. The holistic CMP concept is based on adapting the working environment to the needs of different types of meetings."

For further information, please contact

Kurt Tingdal, MD OFFECCT interiör
tel. +46(0)504-125 20 or mobile +46(0)70- 581 33 83

OFFECCT interiör develops, manufactures and markets furniture for public environments. The company was started in 1990, and the business is founded on close collaboration with internationally renowned designers. Products are manufactured in the company's own production division, which gives total control over the quality assurance process. The head office and production are located in Tibro, Sweden, where 35 people currently work. The company is owned by Kurt Tingdal (MD) and Anders Englund (Development Manager).