February 2000 Press Release

COSMOS chair
'The cosmos; the universe, i.e all space,
seen as a well-ordered and harmonious system'
(Oxford Dictionary)

Design: Gunilla Allard

Totality and harmony - two key words that well describe the new chair Cosmos, designed by Gunilla Allard; it gives an impression of totality and harmony appearing on its own, with its simple and minimalistic lines, but even more so when put together in multiplicity.

Cosmos is the very first stackable chair that Gunilla Allard has designed, and also the first chair from Lammhults for the year 2000.
Cosmos is a very neat chair, with thin steel tubing and well-proportioned seat and back. The seat, of thin, moulded wood, is slightly vaulted, giving, together with a springy back, maximum comfort.

The idea to the chair has been in the designer's mind for a long time, but has now finally been realized for a specific purpose; the new library in Linköping, Gunilla Allard's home town. The library will be inaugurated in March 2000. The chair will thereafter be a part of the Lammhults collection.

Cosmos can be completely upholstered in coach hide leather or fabric, but can also be presented with a wooden seat and the back covered only with a net.

Cosmos comes in two widths; small and medium. It is stackable and linkable.

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