Februay 2000 Press Release

Conference table Atlas
an innovation within table design?

Design: Peter Hiort-Lorenzen/Johannes Foersom

Just like the conference chair Atlas, already a great commercial success all over the world, the Atlas table comes from the principle of something beautiful resting on something very thin and elegant. In contrast to most other conference tables, whose construction relies on weight, Atlas reaches its stability through an innovative design solution.

- The Atlas tables have been developed for conference and meeting rooms, and come in eight different table variants, for 8-30 people.
- Conference and meeting tables should be very flexible, therefore, the tables have four different widthes so that they can be used in various rooms sizes, and be adapted to the number of people needed in the room.
- The Atlas tables are designed in a way giving free space for everyone around the table owing to the pillars, centred under the table.
- The visual totality of the tables is striking without any unnecessary and complex details, hence, the tables can be placed almost in any room - in modern as well as classic environments.

The Atlas tables are made in light aluminium constructions and wooden tops;
- The carrying frames come in aluminium, partly to make them light, and partly since aluminium is a very fine and precise material when it comes to moulding the pillar frames.
- The aluminium frames are either sand-blastered or bright finished. The carrying edgings are anodized.
- The frames are provided with moulded carrying "crosses" , attached in two longitudinal edgings of aluminium in continuous casting. The edgings run in the longitudinal direction of the tables, and carry the table tops.
- The table tops come in beech or birch (other veneer if required).

The new series of conference tables will be ready for delivery in February year 2000.

Lammhult, February 2000
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