Snapshots from Scandinavian Furniture Fair
21-25 May 1997 Bella Center Copenhagen

Furniture Price
The furniture magazine "Bo Bedre"
awarded their yearly furniture price at the
Scandinavian Furniture Fair.


  First price went to the group " Kropsholder" - 14 female furniture designers from the nordic countries. This price is not awarded for a single piece of furniture, but for many fine experiments, new ideas and exciting thoughts
Second price was given to a chair for children, that Peter Hjort-Lorentzen and Johannes Foersom has designed for the Brio company. "At last an alternativ for the wellknown Tripp-Trapp chair", was the comments from the judges.  

Third price went to Niels Vass and Sharon Fischer for a stool, that the judges described as a beautiful piece of art and a good collaboration - a unique piece of furniture art that will last as beautiful for the next 10 or 20 years.

Press-releases from Scandinavian Furniture Fair

  Erik Jörgensen presents no less than five new pieces of furniture in connection with the Scandinavian Furniture Fair.

The five new pieces are among other things two couches, designed by the architect Niels Gammelgaard, a sofa created by Erik Jörgensen and a re-introduction of the classic chair CORONA, designed in 1962 by architect Poul M. Volther.

Lammhult presents armchair CORPUS
Corpus is a "figure chair" from one piece of pressed veneer. By the Corpus model the designer Johannes Foersom & Peter Hiort-Lorenzen have developed the technics of moulding in their own independent and characteristic way. A stackable armchair, which meets with today´s demand and fits into many different interiors. Corpus has been pressed with a significiant sharpness and exact form to achieve the best comfort, strengtness and function.
  Corpus, whish is made of beech or birch, can be stained in different colours and be provided with seat cushion. The frame is made of powder coated or chromium plated steel tubing.
Corpus is also available as a seat combination provided with 2, 3 or 4 seats and tables.

Contrasts create new excitement.
Predictability is a bore - and is one reason that even in home furnishing there will be the occasional revolution. At present the protest against conformity carries more weight that it has for a long time, but at the same time there must be room to relax, listen to music and just chat after a busy day. Should the soft upholstery and the invitation to put your feet up give you a feeling of déja-vu, have a closer look at the furniture and the next millennium will present itself in the lines. A dynamic simplicity, multi-functional features and very distinct colourways in a milky finish all mark the new Softline 21 collection from the Danish company K. Balling-Engelsen, which nevertheless manages to remain faithful to its own high standard for excellent design, quality, the use of natural materials, and environmental awareness.

Pure provocation with amazing comfort. A chaiselongue/rest chair in Courtisane on legs of steel. The 11 "cylinders" come in black, blue, lime or orange. Design Kurt Brandt.