Welcome to signs of Sweden´s pressrelease.
Blå Station

signs of Sweden - five design-oriented furniture companies from Sweden in a joint export offensive.Materia, Blå Station, Iform, Lustrum and Källemo are already well known in Sweden for their destinctive designer images - furniture in contemporary lines that reflects the very essence of Scandinavian culture.

signs of Sweden is the name we have chosen to describe the outward expression that we all have in common - at exhibitions and trade fairs, in advertisements, brochures and printed material.
We believe it is an expression that allows the individual characters of the companies to remain apparent.

The première for this new venture whas at the Orgatec Fair in Cologne in October 1998, to be followed by the IMM Cologne Fair in January 1999. The concept will be introduced to Swedish consumers
at the February 1999 Furniture Fair in Stockholm.


When LUSTRUM was first established in 1988 it
specialised in exclusive office furnishings. Starting
in 1993, however, the company has since made a
determined effort to move into the library furnishings
market. Lustrum has reaped great success
in this field, not least for the equipment it has supplied
to the City Library in Malmö, Sweden, the
University College in Haugesund, Norway, the
Main Library in Vihti, Finland, Veria Public Library
in Greece and the University Library of Pombal in
Portugal - all of which have been the subject of
considerable positive attention.
Lustrum is continuosly engaged in developing
and improving its Littbus shelving system, as well
as devising new systems and complementary furnishings
together with some of the leading names
in Scandinavian design.
The company's main office and production plant
is located in Nybro, in south-eastern Sweden.
There are also showrooms and a sales office in
Stockholm, and additional showrooms in
Göteborg and Malmö.

BLÅ STATION is a family business based in
Åhus, Sweden, where we design and manufacture
furniture and interior accessories.
The company was established in 1986 by Börge
Lindau. After many years as partner in the highly
successful Lindau & Lindekrantz design-team,
Börge returned to his home town to create a company
run entirely along his own lines.
The basic idea was a single, simple design concept;
rings of birch veneer laminate would provide
the basis for a rich and varied collection of chairs,
tables, stools and other furnishings, both for the
home and for public environments.
At heart we nurture an uncompromising ambition
to work exclusively with tried and tested natural
materials, and to avoid using those which may be
hazardous to the user or harmful to the environment.

Quality has to be part of the equation
at the very birth of each idea.
Quality in the intention, the form, the
function, the means and the materials.
Quality can never be an afterthought...

KÄLLEMO is one of Scandinavian's leading companies
of design. The company was founded 30 years ago by Sven Lundh and is still today owned and runs by the family.

What is quality?
Furniture as a concept, with a will of it's own, conveying  an expression. It's no doubt difficult to choose when clever operators
with glossy catalouges tell you about the most recent trends. You do not have to be particulary intelligent to realise that the latest is succeeded by something else in the next catalouge.
Our ambition are to work with designers and artists who are aware of what quality stands for accomplishment unaffected by trends.
On reflection, it is obvious that quality is not just measured in terms of such things as strength of glued joints, etc. The measurable aspect is quantity, where as quality is a broader concept and
cannot be measured in the traditional sense.
The most important aspect is the visual quality.
Good quality means long-term validity.

MATERIA refines furniture in a contemporary
artistic idiom developed in the borderland between
industrial production and artistic craftsmanship.
Our operational procedures are characterized by
care and attention to people and environments, to
function and materials.
The challenge for Materia is to identify and
advance the development of furniture and accessories
which emphasize the dynamics of futuristic
Furniture for creative meeting places in culturally
conscious companies where identity is reflected
in the choise of architecture and furnishings.
Materia was founded in 1992 by architects Kersti
Sandin and Lars Bülow and in this very short time
has become one of Sweden's most attention getting
design companies.

IFORM is the national and international marketing
company specialising in contract furniture for conference
and other public areas. The registered name is Inredningsform Gunnar Ottosson AB and the official marketing name is
Iform. Iform established 1975 and bought in May 1989
by Mr Gunnar Ottosson.

Our two main designers are Mr Ruud Ekstrand, Swedish
and Mr Peter Karpf, Danish.
Iform have showrooms in Malmö, Stockholm,
Tokyo and in house showroom in San Francisco.

Furniture that catches the eye.
Furniture that stands the test of time.
Furniture that is functional, aesthetically
pleasing and of the highest quality.
Furniture of uncompromising design and construction.
Furniture that wins awards.
Our intetion is to continue to excel.

e-mail: info@signsofsweden.com

Blå Station AB
Box 100, S-296 22 Åhus, Sweden
Tel: +46-(0)44-24 90 70. Fax: +46-(0)44-24 12 14
Sandvaktaregatan 17, S-296 35 Åhus

Iform AB
Box 5055, S- 200 71 Malmö, Sweden
Tel: +46-(0)40-30 36 10. Fax: +46-(0)40-30 22 88

Collection Källemo AB
Box 605, S-331 26 Värnamo, Sweden
Tel: +46-(0)370-150 00. Fax: +46-(0)370-150 60

e-mail info@kallemo.se
Skeppargatan 4, S-114 52 Stockholm
Tel: +46- (0)8-665 19 89

Lustrum KB
Box 800, S-382 28 Nybro, Sweden
Tel: +46-(0)481-800 90. Fax: +46-(0)481-159 01
Nybrogatan 16, S-114 39 Stockholm
Tel: +46-(0)8-54 58 50 01. Fax: +46-(0)8-661 07 15

Materia Stockholm AB
Box 340, S-573 24 Tranås, Sweden
Tel: +46-(0)140-38 56 00. Fax: +46-(0)140-38 56 01
Barnhusgatan 3, S-103 69 Stockholm
Tel: +46-(0)8-20 20 01. Fax: +46-(0)8-10 03 15


IMM, International Furniture Fair 1999 Cologne
January 18-24, 1999
Hall 1.2 X1 Y6

The International Swedish Furniture Fair
February 10-14, 1999
Entrance hall + Hall B 01-03:11