SE '99

May 7 - June 6, 1999

Det Danske Kunstindustrimuseum
Bredgade 68
DK-1260 København K

Tuesday - Friday: 10 - 16
Saturday, Sunday and holidays 12 - 16
Monday closed


Our thanks to the following, who supported SE 1999:

Den Danske Banks Fond
Skandinavisk Tobakskompagni’s Gavefond
Københavns Snedkerlaug

Under the protection of  Her Majesty Queen Ingrid.
Exhibition architect: Bernt. Photos: Brahl Fotografi, et al.


Exhibitors SE

Design: Bernt
Tel. +45 4495 1326
Fax +45 4495 1333
Producer: Wørts Eftf. v/Snedkermester Niels Erik Christiansen
Tel. +45 4484 0178
Fax +45 4495 1333
Producer: Rud. Rasmussens Snedkerier
Tel. +45 3539 6233
Materials: Mahogany, canvas


Deckchair in mahogany. The seat and back are adjustable to three different positions. The chair is supplied with a canvas cushion.

The chair is for the new Hong Kong International Airport, designed by the British architect Sir Norman Foster. It is to be used in the airport's VIP lounge, where it will function as an easy chair in the lounge's relaxation area.

The producer is Wørts Eftf. v/ snedkermester Niels Erik Christiansen. The chair maintains and develops the qualities of the other pieces of furniture I have designed for Wørts. The cushion is the work of Rudolf Rasmussens Snedkerier.

Design: Design 134
Tel. +45 3543 4478
Fax +45 3543 4479
Producer: Design 134
Material: Maple


The thought is to create a chair with a simple expression. Its special characteristic is the shape of the back, which results from playing with paper which, in the final analysis offers the same opportunities and has the same limitations as veneer. Experiments in folding the paper with curved lines result in interesting and very springy spatial forms, as the material has a slight tendency to have its own free will and a wish to go its own way. Even though the shape is a single curve, it works in practice as a double curve. This makes the chair very comfortable, with space for the small of the back and pleasant support for the curved spine.

Because of the relatively sharp profiling, the laminated back is very strong.

Because the noteworthy and expressive aspect of the chair is and must be its back, we have chosen to tone down the design of its other components.

Design: Cecilia Enevoldsen
Tel. +45 3538 6683 / Mob. +45 4083 6692
Producer: Haslev Møbelsnedkeri A/S
Tel. +45 5631 2753
Fax +45 5631 5001
Materials: Ash / Stained beech


A simple stackable stool that also functions as a sculptural element. The stool can be placed by itself or several can be placed in a line. It also works in random arrangements.

In shaping the stool, I have played with the transition from seat to legs in such a way that the two elements are integrated. This avoids an abrupt transition and the stool has a very light appearance. As a bonus, the stool creates some very attractive shadow effects. I have played with some of the details, such as the curved cutting of the seat/legs and the angled bowing of the legs, which helps to give the stool a more three-dimensional appearance. Manufactured from moulded ply, the stool has no joints.

Design: Ole Gjerløv-Knudsen
Tel. +45 4835 4084
Developed at the Danish State Workshops, Gl. Dok, Copenhagen.
Materials: Stainless steel, support web and awning cloth


Two experiments that are a natural continuation of my work with furniture composed of loose elements. The principle for the two chairs is the same: both consist of 2 x 2 bowed steel tubing, two spacer bricks and a seat in a synthetic weave that is tensioned by a strut and a tie rod. No welding, no fittings, no screws.

The design has been conceived so that the greater the weight on the chair, the more stable it becomes. Helped by the strut and tie rod, the armrests push the sides outwards. The sides cannot pivot in the spacer blocks because the tubing is curved and held in place by the seat.

Design: Troels Grum-Schwensen
Tel. +45 3543 4472
Fax +45 3543 4473
Producer: Egtved Pianofabrik
Tel. +45 7586 4044
Fax +45 7586 4190
Materials: Maple / Black linoleum


I have designed this table programme to go with the "Dragon" stacking chair (exhibited at SE '96). The table's design language - not least the marked curvature of the legs - immediately links it to the chair. Like the chair's seat, the floating tabletop clearly separates itself from the supporting elements. This impression is accentuated by the delicate upward movement of the table edge.

The tables can be placed together end to end.

Design: Niels Hvass
Tel. +45 3543 3109
Fax +45 3543 3209
Material: Form-stressed beech

Keep it simple.

Design: Christian Hvidt
Tel. +45 4557 1482
Fax +45 4557 1402
Producer: A/S Søborg Møbelfabrik
Tel. +45 3969 4222
Fax +45 3969 4447
Materials: Solid mahogany, fibre panel and metal


In spite of the explosive growth of digital communication, the printed media remain an important part of our everyday lives. Profound texts, fascinating pictures or simply an attractive layout have to be seen and felt. That is the reason for these two magazine racks in a sculptural zigzag format. They can also be used for newspapers and books.

The stands have a firm base made from black-painted steel plate, to which the bearing frame in solid mahogany is fixed. The lines of the mortised corners emphasise the sheet-steel structure that is fixed into the wooden frame's slanting tracks.

There are two versions of the rack: a tall one with six display shelves and a low one with three shelves and a flat top. The racks can be used in bookshops and museums, act as the meeting point at an exhibition or be used to display a company's communication materials for employees and visitors.

Design: Aleksej Iskos
Tel. +45 3555 4933
Fax +45 3555 4933
Producer: A: Haslev Møbelsnedkeri A/S
Tel. +45 5631 2753
Fax +45 5631 5001
Producer: B: Thermoform A/S
Tel. +45 4395 0500
Fax +45 4395 0501
Materials: A: Maple, acrylic
B: Acrylic

A: OUTLINE kitchen chair

A chair as a frame, an outline.
You look at a chair when you need it. You look through it when it isn't being used.
A simple structure with the absolute minimum of elements - a minimalist chair, in both form and expression.

B: SKYSTYKKE rocking chair

Transparent, but not invisible.
Stable, but not in movement.
Colourless, but changes with the light.
Your own little cloud - when you need a few minutes' rest on earth.

The chair consists of four acrylic panels. The edges are curved for greater stability.
The chair is assembled with bolts, make it easy to put together and take apart.

Design and
KOMPLOT Design: Boris Berlin og Poul Christiansen
Tel. +45 3296 3255
Fax +45 3296 3277
Materials: Maple, wengé, glass, cotton thread


A little chessboard in two types of wood, with pullouts in hardened glass (one for the chess clock, the other for the pieces) and a set of chessmen.

The design concept is inspired by the handcraft tradition of the Hakone area in Japan, but the board has been made in the constructivist, cubist spirit of the Bauhaus.

The game of chess's cold, rational and mathematical clarity in a interplay with the obvious warmth of the wood. The precision and sensitivity of handcraft unite the opposites. An object you want to touch, to use, to care for and bequeath to your children.

The "building materials" for both the board and the chessmen are strips of maple and wengé with a 12 x 12 mm cross-section.

Design: Povl Petersen
Tel.: +45 3224 0264
Fax : +45 3224 0264
Made at the Danish State Workshops, Gl. Dok, Copenhagen.
Materials: A: Beech, black-stained and oiled
B: Form-stressed ash veneer and solid ash.

plugged into square holes in the wall

The bookcase consists of planks and shelves in various lengths, fixed to the wall with square plugs that are tensioned with wedges. The plugged shelves are visible from the back in a pattern that forms a quadratic network. The square plugs are embedded in the shelf. Other hanging elements can be used but are not shown.

B: LONG TABLE with curved long sides

The long table consists of a permanent part with places for eight people. The table can be extended in four directions and leaves can be placed at either end. The maximum capacity of the table at 480 cm is 18 people. The wooden top is built up like a ship's keel and sits sculpturally on and is carried by four steel legs. In commercial production, it is thought that these legs would be moulded in aluminium. In the table top are four steel tubes that are pulled out to carry the extra leaves.

Design: Søren Ulrik Petersen
Tel.: +45 3539 3242
Fax : +45 3537 2802
Producer: PP Møbler
Tel.: +45 4817 2106
Fax : +45 4817 0863
Material: Ash


What use would another chair be to the world if wood weren't such a Nordic tradition and a constant challenge to both the imagination and the wallet? The ash has been compressed, but I've tried to maintain a natural bounce. As if the stick had just been bent by hand. The shape is straightforward and almost feminine. Come and sit down! it says. Look at me! Let me take care of you!

Design: Steen Dueholm Sehested
Tel.: +45 3253 4449
Fax : +45 3253 4449
Material: Beech veneer


The cradle has been made from plywood and consists of five parts - three elements. The base and the two sides are assembled. The end-pieces are drawn up through the holes in the base and fixed in the sides. Finally, the ends are pressed into position over the tops of the sides.

The cradle has been designed either to sit on the floor or hang from the ceiling. A cloth can also be hung to shade out light.

In spite of its delicate structure, the cradle is stable and will not tip over. Another benefit is that it rocks horizontally, which is the most natural motion for babies.

The cradle has been designed for babies from birth up to six months of age. It symbolises a ship with the most precious cargo of all - THE CHILD.

Design: Hans Chr. Teller
Tel.: +45 4971 7031
Models scale 1 : 5


The ellipse has provided the basis for the models on display.

It is an attempt to bring table and chair into harmony with each other, based on a wish that all around the table can sit comfortably, see each other and the table decoration (if there is one) - and with space for carving and serving dishes at the ends.

A feast, perhaps - but breakfast, lunch and supper too - in an ellipse and with an elliptical piece of furniture on four legs in the centre of the space.

Props for a meeting - gladly with a producer who will give life to the drawings and models.

Design: Rud Thygesen
Tel.: +45 3312 3242
Fax : +45 3332 2780
Producer: A:
B: Niels Roth Andersen
Tel.: +45 3672 1530
Fax : +45 3672 1630
Materials: A: Upholstered frame, Textile: Bass, Kvadrat
B: Cherrywood, Textile: Bass, Kvadrat


In my view, most fully upholstered chairs seem "heavy" and confused in form and structure. I have therefore tried to put together a chair consisting of simple, independent and distinct elements that become an entity on a bearing steel frame, with no possibility of accumulating various "fluff" in the joins and the opportunity to appreciate the functions of the individual elements.


An adaptation of the classical frame chair. In cherrywood with an upholstered seat.

Design and
Hanne Vedel
Tel.: +45 7462 3012
Fax : +45 7462 3112
Materials: 100% wool, cube filled with very elastic foam


Double-weave carpet with hand-woven selvage.


Covered in wool, 35 x 35 x 35 cm.

Design: Kasper Salto
Tel.: +45 2168 8251
Fax : +45 3333 9197
Material: Birch veneer


The prototype has been made half-size.
By means of 2 incisions and 2 rivets a plywood sheet has been made to form an S-shaped plane to support the body, the rivets securing the shape.

The beach chair is well suited for substructures like sand or grass. The idea has been to simplify the traditional outdoor deckchair.

Invited Guest Exhibitors

Design: Hans Jørgen Christiansen
Tel.: +45 3965 2866
Fax : +45 3965 2866
Materials: Teak, brass fittings, cotton canvas


A folding chair for use both indoors and outdoors.
The chair folds, rather like an umbrella, in a very uncomplicated way on two axes to a compact minimal size for storage.
An attempt has been made to make the chair as simple as possible, both in structure and detail, so that it has a consciously unpretentious appearance.

Design: Peter Karpf
Tel.: +45 4870 6373
Fax : +45 4870 6379
Producer: Inform AB, S - Malmö, Sverige
Tel.: +46 4030 3610
Fax : +46 4030 2288
Material: Form-pressed beech veneer

xus - a paraphrase of childhood

The little wooden figure from childhood which only stays upright with the help of internal strings is here transcribed to a form where the lifelike
ripple is replaced bystoic stillness.
While the movements of the toy depend on our actions, the qualities of
the xus chair can best be seen without us.
The space of the naked chair for the essence of the naked space.
Ex-us, in a manner of speaking.


Guest Exhibitors

Design: Thomas E Alken
Tel.: +45 2840 1760
Fax : +45 3526 1760
Producer: Ebbe Sporon Lykke
Tel.: +45 2049 1362
Materials: Acrylic and MDF


The Zip - Zap CD cabinet has space for 108 CDs and is equally suitable for single and double boxes.

The Zip - Zap's purpose is to do away with space-demanding and dusty "newspaper racks" - and, in a playful way, to tempt people into organising their CD collections.

A piece of furniture with an appearance that is so unobtrusive that it does not interfere with the basic tone of the room - and which is so easy to use that even a child can understand it.

Design: Carsten Nikolaj Becker
Tel.: +45 3920 1709 / mob. 2167 6021
Fax : +45 3920 1709
Producers: Copenhagen Technical School, Jørgen Ellesøe og Usama Sherif
Tel.: +45 3641 1580
Materials: Maple frames with beech veneer panels


The wardrobe is inspired by the "cupboard case" that is opened by the two halves being separated from each other, allowing it to relate freely to the room's four walls.

One half contains shelves; the other has hanging space for one person's clothes.

The wardrobe consists of four wooden frames in maple, with sides and shelves made from thin panels of beech veneer. The shelves are fixed into slots in the sides and the hanger rail is suspended from a shelf. Simple components close and lock the wardrobe. Wheels give mobility.

Design and
Louise Campbell
Tel.: +45 3312 1018
Fax : +45 3312 1018
Materials: 10 mm technical felt, gelatine


"Bless You"

My cold fingers take out the fine pocket handkerchief.
JI manage to give the newly ironed square an admiring glance before putting it to work on my November sneeze. Now crumpled, it goes back into my overcoat pocket with a brand-new texture.

- Three sniffly months later I have fumbled my way to this easy chair.

Design: Mads Emil Garde
Tel.: +45 2622 2633
Fax : +45 3582 3583
Materials: Beech and plywood veneer


Based on a traditional principle for stacking furniture, the goal has been to create a chair that is minimal, simple in its expression and easy to produce.

The seat, made of plywood veneer, is moulded over two wooden side-frames. The frames are separately glued to the veneer and are fixed by the seat. Nothing more.

Design: Carlo Volf
Tel.: +45 3555 4933
Fax : +45 3555 4933
Producer: Askov Møbelsnedkeri, Askov
Tel.: +45 7536 1244
Materials: Maple, cherrywood


A modular bookcase. It has been designed so that books and similar items stand neatly and presentably. The individual modules can be built up flexibly and individual modules can be removed without being emptied first. The bookcase's appearance is sculptural and functional at one and the same time.

SE  c/o Dot Brenøe
Nybovej 2. DK-3490 Kvistgård
Tel. +45 4916 1231. Fax +45 4919 3881