The Association for CONTEMPORARY SWEDISH SILVER was founded in 1963 to support and stimulate silver forging in Sweden. A council of inspectors selects “from the works of the 54 smiths who today are the association’s active members” the most outstanding objects in terms of artistic execution and skilful handicraft.

CONTEMPORARY SWEDISH SILVER has its gallery at Arsenalsgatan 3 in Stockholm — an important point of contact where silver- and goldsmiths can reach the public.The gallery features a constantly changing exhibition of objects for sale that provides a clear picture of what is taking place today in Swedish silver- and gold forging. Here, separate, collective and -theme-based showings are continuously being arranged. In addition, exhibitions abroad are also arranged.

Address: Nutida Svenskt Silver,
Box 7252, SE-103 89 Stockholm, Sweden
Visiting address: Arsenalsgatan 3, Stockholm
tel / fax: +46 8-611 67 18