Signs of Sweden
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Design is a universal language. It’s quite remarkable that the signs of tiny Sweden are clearly readable in this boundless global vocabulary of shapes and forms. Simplicity, functionality, modesty, honesty, respect for the material, blond wood, open space, light color scales, clean lines, closeness to nature — these are just some of the distinctive features that have come to be associated worldwide with a Swedish, or should we say Scandinavian, or, even more apt, Nordic de-sign tradition.
The hallmark of superior Nordic design is that there is always a quality that goesdeeper than surface and decoration — innovative function, a subtle, solid el-egance,even a holistic philosophical dimension that isn’t offensive or extra-vagant,but subdued, for the user to discover and value with time.
Signs of Sweden is a mutual international marketing label for four renownedindependant interior design companies from the south of Sweden — Blå Station,Iform, Källemo and Materia. We are all contemporary and international in ourdesign philosophies, but also deeply rooted in something we like to regard as agenuine Swedish design tradition.
There is much that separates our individual companies from each other. In fact,we’re fierce competitors. Still, there is still more that unites us, more values thatwe share toghether. So we cooperate. This to is the Swedish way.Our products are designed not merely for the eye, but for the brain, the heartand the soul.
They’re built for lasting, durable quality, esthetic as well as func-tional.We invest great care, devotion and innovation even in the smallest detailsof the most humble, seemingly insignificant objects. It’s never just about whatyou see on the surface.
You can "peel" our products, layer by layer, discoveringnew values of beauty, care, function, humor, and good spirit as you wear anduse them in your own environment.

These are features that we like to read as Signs of Sweden.