Designboost – a new, annual design event in Malmö

Designboost is a completely novel concept on the Swedish design market. It will be annual, different, international and will penetrate questions of current interest on design in a broad perspective and put them on the agenda in the society at large. Founders of Designboost are Peer Eriksson and David Carlson together with City of Malmö and Region Skåne. This year’s theme is sustainable design.

Designboost will take place for the first time 17–19 October 2007. It consists of boost meetings, boost chats and a boost happening (formerly known as ; workshops, lectures and exhibition.) This years Designboost has sustainable design as it`s overall theme, an issue that is as pressing as it is difficult to pinpoint.

- It’s important to look upon things from a new perspective and be given a push forward, which is exactly what the word boost means. When it comes to sustainable design it’s likely that things need to be questioned. Since the world is constantly changing and the maps rewritten it’s impossible to sit around and wait, says Peer Eriksson.

Design in a sustainable society
Seeing that design is a part of life and life is a constant process Designboost will be an annual event. The rational goal is to carry out a number of days with different items on the programme where the common denominator is design of the future and this year’s overall theme sustainable design, were sustainable is not just environmental aspect although that is a large part of the issue. The visionary goal is to inject the participants with thoughts and make them ponder, question, reflect, be worried and pleased about what design really is all about and how it should be handled and used to give people a better life in a more durable society.

-There are plenty of design events in Sweden. We want to create a different and unique arrangement that will function as a creative arena and meeting point that gathers people, companies, organisations, institutions and schools that all work with design, in one way or another, David Carlson says.

The truth is, there is none
We don’t have the truths. The question is, does anyone? On the other hand there are plenty of questions and possibly some answers. Designboost is supposed to work as a forum where thoughts on sustainable design and durable development can be debated, exchanged and tried. Hopefully this will eventually lead to action.

- We can shape our world and create a more sustainable future with the help of design. We can also use it to make tomorrow’s society. A greater knowledge of design gives greater force to development. With Designboost we wish to strengthen design as a mean of competition, says Peer Eriksson.

Among others Jennifer Leonard, Eero Koivisto, Kristina Dryza, Brent Richards and Satyendra Pakhale will participate. For the entire round up, please visit our webpage

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Peer Eriksson works with his own communication agency, Peer Communication. David Carlson is the founder of David Design and today works as a consultant with design and brand development issues and also has an internet based trend report, the David Report.