For architects, by architects

Materia is distinctly Scandinavian in its approach to furniture and interior design. Scandinavian in the sense of simplicity and function, that is.

"Just being Swedish is of course of no value, since our international customers can`t be exptected to even know what Sweden is" says Kersti Sandin. "The product must have strong individual charisma in itself to capture attention. So the form is very important. But the depth of a product lies in the way it functions in the room. In this respect, the Scandinavian approach differs from that of rest of Europe."


A distinguishing feature with Materia is that it´s an interior design and manufacturing company operated entirely by architects, Kersti Sandin and Lars Bülow.

"We work as architects, and we design all the objects ourselves", Sandin says. "We use architecture to maneuver our company. All our objects are integrated in a contemporary architectural concept that communicates with architects all over the world."

Ergonomi is a key value in the product philosophy of Materia. Great effort is invested in details and functions, both esthetic and practical.

"We work hard with refining our products, molding in special details and such to elevate their value. There must always be more to a product than what you see on the surface – functions and new dimensions that you discover only after a while of usage. That`s when design gets really exciting."

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