Design for visual durability

For decades, Källemo, under the leadership of its legendary founder Sven Lundh, has built a reputation as a leading promoter of frontline Swedish, and Nordic, design. Källemo has never hesitated to opt for artistic objects – original, excentric, even extravagant pieces hovering in the interface of art and interior design. Källemo can actually be regarded as somewhat "unswedish" in that the company has consistently produced objects that widens the idea of function, combining art with utility.


"We make furniture of artistic value, capable of enduring the `wear and tear of the eye´", says Erik Lundh. "It means manufacturing objects you can look at every day for a long period of time, without tiring. As Mats Theselius, one of our designers, puts it: `My products should last for at least 2–300 years.´"

"Environmental adaptation and recyclability are fine things", Lundh continues. "But the fact is that most furniture is thrown away because we get sick and tired of it visually. So it´s actually rather odd thinking to manufacture furniture with the garbage container already in mind..."

Though Källemo may be uncharacteristic for a Swedish design company in some respects, Erik Lundh still feels strongly linked to the other companies withing the Signs of Sweden group.

"I think there is a certain sense of deeper quality that we have in common and that can be seen as typically Swedish. Also, there are connections in choice of materials and such – even if we`ve recently produced a chair in crocodile skin and massive brass that can hardly be regarded as that ScandinavianÉ"

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