Rooms within the room

The furniture pieces from Iform appear as if they had been folded from single sheets of blond wood. In fact, the philosophy behind the product range partly derives from origami – a Japanese tradition for folding paper sheets.

"The principle is that if you can fold a form from a piece of paper, you can formpress it in wood", says Gunnar Ottosson. "Wood is superior to all other materials in its qualities in allowing itself to be shaped and constructed. The things we do could never be made in, for example, plastic."


The minimalistic manifest of Iform is that a room is most beautiful in its purest form – i.e. empty, free from furniture and other objects. Designed by Peter Karpf, who has a long career behind him at Fritz Hansen, nxt, the VOXI A collection and other Iform furniture pieces are created to interfer as little as possible with the natural harmony and personality of the room.

"Our furniture are `rooms within the room´, respectful to the space and integrity of the room´s volume", Ottosson says. "A holistic shape will harmonize much better with the room´s personality than a hybrid design using different materials. The simplicity is something of an illusion, however. A piece like nxt took Peter Karpf 30 years to develop on the drawing board. It´s also a true challenge to manufacture it industrially."

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