Blå Station
Formed around the ring

Blå Station was formed in the shape of the circle. A brand new technique for form-pressing rings of layer-glued wood veneer, introduced by the company`s founder Börge Lindau, became a natural base for a clearly distinctive, highly original design idiom that has evolved into an international trademark.

Functionality and environmental concern are the two other pillars on which this family company stands. Blå Station works exclusively with tried and tested natural materials, such as birch wood, stainless steel, vegetable-tanned leather.


"Our product range is sprung uniquely from our own lust and feeling", says Mimi Lindau. "We never compromise our ideals just to follow the trend or please the market. This is an attitude that may not always be immediately appreciated by the market, but our products have strong personalities that will fit into most any kind of environment, and unique qualities that are properly valued with time."

Lately, Blå Station has expanded its product range to include furniture and interior objects in other shapes as well, besides that of the eternal circle.

"Though the circle remains the base, we´re constantly in search for new designs, to keep developing the Blå Station concept", says Johan Lindau. "It´s necessary to make the range wider, not just deeper. The main requirement for our products is that they must all add value – not merely for the eye, but for the body and soul. To be seen is no virtue in itself."

Blå Station AB, Box 100, SE 296 22 Åhus, Sweden.
Tel: +46-(0)44-24 90 70 Fax:+46-(0)44-241214
Showroom: Sandvaktaregatan 17, Åhus