Stackable chair by Susanne Fossgreen
launched at Scandinavian Furniture Fair 24 - 28 May


Spring, stackable chair
by Susanne Fossgreen

Stackable chair all in wood with or without arm. Shell stained in different colours. Frame in solid beech with Mortise and Tenon joints. Also available fully upholstered. Accessories: Linking device


Danish Design Center, Copenhagen
May 5 - June 4, 2000

Danish Design Center on H.C. Andersens Boulevard in Copenhagen shows the exhibition TASTE by Stephen Bayley, one of the world«s foremost commentators on design, style and popular culture. Claiming that design is a matter of taste he shows a number of examples of two products with very different designs but the same function. Both products are in that sense good design, but whether we consider one better than the other is a matter of taste. All examples are supported by illustrations and texts from his book by the same name, which is also available at the exhibition.

In addition to Stephen Bayleys designs Susse Fischer has assembled 40 different chairs. All fullfil the same functional demand, but the designs vary from very stringent minimalisn to kitschy fur chairs. Which ones are good design and which are not? It is all a matter of taste.

Among the 40 chairs at the exhibition you will find two from Kvist: Prime-Time by Tom Stepp, and Hans J. Wegners J16 rocking chair.







Mikado Mocca
Design: Johannes Foersom and Peter Hiort-Lorenzen

The Mikado chairs, models 3 and 4 without back rail, which were awarded the Bo Bedre Furniture Prize in 1996, are now available in a new version: The seat in beech and the back slats, legs and armrests are in solid walnut.


The chair won the prize for its characteristic design, combining untraditional ideas with beautiful craftsmanship, and the use of old cabinetmakers' techniques. The chair is made with an old technique where back slats, legs and armrests are wedged into the seat, without any use of screws or nails.


Kvist opens permanent exhibition in Stockholm
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