Stackable chair: WW
Camilla Wessman

Exciting new chair from renowned Swedish architect Camilla Wessman, whose earlier work includes collections for a.o. DUX, Nola and Designtorget in Stockholm. The light stackable chair is moulded and laminated of 7 layers of veneer and 2 layers of sliced surface veneer. Comes optionally with a mat laye5r of melamine, which makes the chair very resistent in everyday use. Available in a variety of colours, in birch and oak veneer or with upholstery in fabric or leather. Accessories designed to satisfy all the demands of the modern companyÉ.

Shelving system: PUZZLE

Puzzle consists of elements, which in systematic repetition creates rhythm and movement, beatifully underlined by the light, that wanders through the open Color system. Puzzle is available in birch, cherry and mahogany. The vertical and horizontal pieces are slotted together, and the construction is stabilized by 3 square elements. Back-panels, braces or the like is not required, and Puzzle is therefore suitable as room partitioning. Measures 180 x 180 cm. Design: Ernst & Jensen


In our world you shall find no navel-gazing, and see no ivory towers. No name-checked influences or pretentious masculinity. Our message is simple: a celebration of individualism in all matters sartorial. And itŐs not about the next millennium. To us that is just a line in a song. ItŐs about change, and con-stantly pushing the limits of how we perceive and define ourselves. Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1998, d-func. is an international manufacturer of furniture, dedicated to design excellence. Rejecting aspiration in favour of inspiration, we attempt to capture a new aesthetic based on ideas of the new breed of contemporary designers. Our design philosophy is firmly rooted in the needs of our customers. Acknowledging our Danish design legacy we combine solid engineering with innovative thinking to create distinctive and functional designs, that address the unique and ever-changing needs of our customers. With the constraints of modern living working as a brief Đ lack of space, time, cash Đ d-func. is an antidote to the slick, shiny and sanitised design obsession of the 90Ős.
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