New Bed Concept from Furniture Designer
Hans Sandgren Jakobsen.

Grandlit, or in English "Big Bed", is the latest creation from the Danish designer Hans Sandgren Jakobsen. Contrary to its name the bed is neither large nor unhandy – just the opposite. The purpose of Grandlit is to make the bed more flexible and mobile without reducing the comfort. Thus, Grandlit settles with the past where a good and comfortable bed, according to the designer, was "a heavy and irremovable box".

Grandlit expresses great flexibility and mobility, and therefore, the bed is considered very innovative. Its simple frame in moulded beech has steel legs and two wheels. This makes the bed light – not only when it comes to moving and turning it – but also visually. The bed ends and the bed tables, which are made of moulded beech too, can be moved all the way around the bedside. This means that in no time the bed can be arranged for reading, eating and watching television - or anything else you can think of doing in a bed! In this first edition of Grandlit the lying comfort is secured by a Dunlopillo mattress and top mattress, but in the future, it should be possible to fit a standard mattress into Grandlit.

Grandlit is the first bed Hans Sandgren Jakobsen has designed. The new bed concept is also the first big novelty from the designer since he received Statens Kunstfond´s 3-year work grant in 1999. The grant was given to Hans Sandgren Jakobsen in order to make him able to develop his strong preference for moulded furniture.

The designer admits that Grandlit has been time-consuming and hard work. "As matter of fact, there has not been time for much else than my bed and giving the finishing touches to some of my existing furniture. But very soon I shall ‘give birth’ to a new chair", reports Hans Sandgren Jakobsen.

Right now Grandlit has world premiere at Snedkernes Efterårsudstilling (SE) at Kunstindustrimuseet. Here Hans Sandgren Jakobsen also shows some of his other works at the special exhibition "Hvad blev det til" (What happened to it). This exhibition shows prototypes from earlier SE exhibitions which are now in production. Hans Sandgren Jakobsen exhibits his awarded furniture: Viper, Gallery and Eri.

Grandlit is expected to be put into production in the spring of 2000 by Fredericia Furniture. We enclose a colour print of Grandlit. The picture can also be found at the internet where it is placed in a format for reproduction in the printed press. The address is:

If you have further questions please call
Hans Sandgren Jakobsen at (+ 45) 86 32 00 48 .

Yours sincerely,

Hans Sandgren Jakobsen