Please come in and feel your way around — from 1 to 5 May

1 May is approaching and with it the opportunity to keep abreast of the dramas, dreams and dilemmas experienced by Scandinavian furniture designers when CPH Furniture lets the light of spring play on the latest Scandinavian designs for the home and the workplace.

There will be plenty of scenarios to walk around in and touch at CPH Furniture. We have selected 50 designers/firms and asked them to be our guarantors of the beauty, innovation, practicality and quality that we need in our sensitive and stressed lifestyles. Lives that more than ever need atmosphere, comfort, adventure and personality in the furniture around us.

Maxjenny Forslund, 26, is Swedish, but she attends the Danish Design School and lives in Copenhagen. She exhibited in Stockholm in February and received great accolades for her youthful and colourful furniture, rugs and glassware designs; many of them created using screen-printing. She decided to exhibit at CPH Furniture after hearing that this furniture fair is "rugged and young".

"I want to be where the right people are, where the atmosphere is creative and people are open to personal, distinctive designs. I've heard that CPH Furniture is the place to find that kind of atmosphere here in Copenhagen. So I'll be there, and I'm looking forward to displaying and selling my work to the Danish people.

Morten Engelbrecht is one exhibitor you can look forward to meeting at CPH Furniture. He has been here before, and this year will mark a world premiere for a new chair of his. A steel and bend folding armchair designed by Erik Magnussen. A seat equally suitable for use in the home and in the workplace. In fact, Morten believes the distinction between work and leisure furniture is becoming increasingly blurred.

"Work and leisure are moving in together. Some people work at home; some work outside the home, but furnishings need to be stylish and comfortable in both places these days. I believe our new chair works equally well in a work setting and in the home."

Morten Engelbrecht has high expectations. Partly because the new chair has been very well received in the tests that have been conducted and partly because he has got a very good position in the hall at Vesterbro.

We have high expectations, too, and we look forward to days filled with excitement, surrounded by designs that make you want to move in and just stay...

See you there!

CPH Furniture
1. — 5. May 2002

Øksnehallen, Halmtorvet 11, 1700 København V