The show will go on and on ……
…… CPH Vision from 10th - 13th August 2000

The premiere of CPH Vision in Øksnehallen is on Thursday 10th August at 11.00, with the press show at 11.30, where you’ll get the first viewing of the hot, new trends for Spring and Summer 2001. The stylist, Liv Barfoed, is working at full steam to get all the models, music, designer creations and special lighting effects to fuse together into perfection.


"It is always wonderful to work with this show, because it is possible to exhibit all the best within Scandinavian design at one time and in one place", tells Liv Barfoed. "Both the larger, more established fashion houses as well as the smaller, newer ones will be up there on the platform. There is a wide range of different trend themes - from a floaty transparent and sculptural look through to South American folklore, multi prints and ’work wear’. It is going to look tremendous…" she promises.

"The starting point for the Spring/Summer 2001 collection is a combination of trends from the last 30 years, but with a strong emphasis on using our femininity. We are going to be ’lady-like’ at the same time as being flirty, sexy and Lolitaesque. Gone is the androgynous look. Gone is the time when you were never quite sure if it was a man or a woman that you were looking at. We shall be seeing womanly curves back again and this will manifest itself at the show", explains the stylist, as she sits with beads of sweat on her brow and surrounded by mountains of clothes and glittering jewellery.



The big Vision Show is on the catwalk daily from 10th — 13th August in Building 68, but it can also be viewed on the screen in Øksnehallen itself. This is real show-time. Great names such as Turnover, Charlotte Sparre, Bitte and Hunky Dory will also be exhibiting their designs in their own shows. The exact times of their shows will be put up in Øksnehallen.

CPH Vision offers the opportunity to meet many new designers this year. In the ’Rejsestaldene’ (just before the square on the left), you can find Tatjana Brockenhuus-Schack, Casmose and Charlotte Sparre — to name but a few, and in ’Building 55’( just behind Øksnehallen) the Streetwear designers such as Koppertrans and Converse will be located.

In keeping with the South American theme, there will be a salsa party all night long on both Thursday and Friday in the mirrored tent behind Øksnehallen. This is in connection with the cultural arrangement "Images of the World", which will be playing Cuban rap and salsa until dawn. The show will go on and on…..

CPH Vision, Øksnehallen, Halmetorvet 11, 1700 Copenhagen V, Denmark. Open Thursday 10th — Saturday 12th August from 11.00 - 20.00 and Sunday 13th August from 10.00 — 18.00.

Sign up for the press show on Thursday 10th August at 11.30 on tel. +45 39 64 85 86, fax. +45 39 64 85 87 or mail. Also see

Expect to be deeply inspired!