swedenmade design 4stories
Singapore Art Museum, Glass Hall

The Singapore Art Museum and the Embassy of Sweden in Singapore are jointly organising a design exhibition titled swedenmade design 4stories, 20 November 2003 to 29 February 2004, SAM Galleries 5 to 8.

About the Exhibition – Swedish Contemporary Design Swedish contemporary design has firmly established its distinctive identity in today's global context and gain international recognition and market demand. With a firm emphasis on function, form and material, Swedish designed products are highly adapted to the climatic conditions of Sweden where the environment plays an important role in their conceptualisation and making. Partnerships between designers and the industry has resulted in well thought through products that help create unique identities for companies, strengthening their image and helping them gain a competitive advantage. This exhibition features works by 13 designers, of which two - Monica Förster and Nina Jobs - are also curators of the show. The exhibition, swedenmade design 4stories, features prize-winning products from some of the best Swedish designers and producers. The design of these exhibits are innovative ideas where form, function and material are adapted to and based on Sweden’s changing seasons and its changing climatic conditions. The thematic display of the objects corresponds to the four seasons where the exhibits are grouped into four inflatable cloud-shaped rooms designed by Ms Förster.

swedenmade design 4stories is part of Design Design, a thematic grouping of a series of 6 exhibitions presenting design, jointly organised by the National Heritage Board’s Asian Civilizations Museum, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore History Museum, and Singapore Philatelic Museum, and is proudly associated with DesignSingapore, a national collaborative to promote design excellence in Singapore.