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International newsstand
december issue 2001

The international design newsstand. updates from the worldwide design community

Ten Swedish Designers,
Thirty Years On

8 december 2001 – 6 january 2002
at Form/Design Center, Malmö

Icehotel® is one of the few truly unimaginable encounters the world has to offer today.

The 13:th of December the "doors" are opened to the winter seasons visitors....

Vision Action Interaction

A whole week of design in Borås, Sweden. November 10–16 2001

A festival of Silver
Wolfgang Gessl

10–28 November 2001

At the gallery Nutida Svenskt Silver, Stockholm

The Danish Design Price 2001

The awarded and the nominated items will be exhibited in the Danish Design Center, Copenhagen
27 October-13 January 2002

S.M.A.L. ett designkoncept som får kontorslokaler att lyfta

SkandiForm, MultiQ, Alcro & Luxo– formar tillsammans en harmonisk helhet.

Sigurd Persson Exhibition at
Vikingbergs Art Museum

Helsingborg, Sweden
9 November - 30 December 2001

"Inspiration or plagiarism" 
21/9 2001 -  6/1 2002

The exhibition shows how original designs are developed and manufactured in an era of globalisation.

Design Awards 2001

An international contest in strategic design organised by The Advertising Association of Sweden (Sveriges Reklamförbund).


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