10-Gruppen, 10 Swedish Designers, was founded in 1970 by 10 young textile artists and designers. All of them had worked in the traditional textile industry and all of them had experienced having their designs considered too extreme and too "difficult to sell".

The 10 members rallied around a common goal where the most important idea was to partake in production, from the initial sketch to the finished printed fabric. Their first collection was shown with great success in 1972 at Sverigehuset in Stockholm. The designs were printed by Borås Cotton on cotton yardgoods 150 cm wide.

Borås Cotton is still the sole manufacturer of their collections. After more than twenty years and more than twenty collections the group still maintains the same sense of quality, originality and high artistic standards.

10-Gruppen has exhibited in New York, Paris, Japan, Latin America, London, Venice and Berlin, as well as in all of the Scandinavian countries. They have designed several textile collections for IKEA, and have created wallpaper for Duro Wallpapers.

The group runs their own shop on Götgatan 25 in Stockholm. They design textile collections as well as plates, bags, toiletry cases and other articles, and continue to expand their wholesale operations.