There is something very special about a wooden construction

“There is something very special about a wooden construction. Be it a house, a
boat or a piece of furniture, wood can certainly present itself in very different ways. It can look rough or untreated. It can shine with pride from handcrafted surfaces, or it can amaze you with the exactness and precision of modern manufacturing. It can be bent, laminated, cut and joined. If done right, all this in ways that can communicate beauty.

Wood can be treated to show you its character, or surfaced to hide its fibres behind layers of elegant lacquer. It is truly a living material. But you have to treat it with respect.

This is second nature if, like Peter Åkeson at NC Furniture, you are the second generation proprietor of a woodworking furniture business.”

Björn Dahlström, Industrial designer.

Chair Office
Design Björn Dahlström


Design Mattias Ståhlbom & Gabriella Gustafson.

Counter stool SPUTNIK
Design Björn Dahlström

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