newsletter 1, 2009

Möbelsnickarmästare Johansson
at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2009

Stand C 06:49


The Swedish furniture manufacturer Möbelsnickarmästare Johansson
is presenting some new products as well as new versions of their classic products.

The new items are dining table and chairs designed by the Icelandic designers Gudrún

Margrét Ólafsdóttir and Oddgeir Thórdarson and also a coat hanger
designed by the Swedish designer Fredrik Färg. The Icelandic designer Katrin Ólína is the author
of the graphicart at the stand.

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Major: Design Fredrik Färg.
A clothes hanger for the temporary suspension of clothing,
for example, a in bedroom or a hall.

Dining-table: By Gudrún Margrét Ólafsdóttir og Oddger Thórdarson

M405: By Håkan Johansson. a new version of a classic


Gudrún Margrét Ólafsdóttir og Oddger Thórdarson have long been involved in design for Icelandic manufacturers and they also work as interior designers operate in partnership within the Go Form Design Studio in Reykjavík. Möbelsnickarmästare Johansson is already producing dining table and cabinets. Those furniture's were presented at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2006. Their teamwork started in continuation of Stockholm Furniture Fair 2005 where they were displaying some prototypes together with some colleagues from Iceland.

Fredrik Färg is a young and upcoming Swedish designer. At the Stockholm Furniture Fair he is also presenting new products for Materia AB, one of the winners of Glimåkra Designer Prize, represented at Ung7, young Swedish design, Textibel- new textile furniture, and have an own stand at Greenhouse. He has been acknowledged for his ways of transforming origami to furniture design, and also for his "ability to unite Scandinavian purity with a playfulness that makes hearts leap with joy"

Katrin Olina is an Icelandic designer who now is running her own label based in Hong Kong. She is famous for here interiors / installations that she has done in Hong Kong & Reykjavik. Her résumé is faboulus, where names such as Philippe Starck, Ross Love Grove and Michael Young are on the list. "There is only one way for this talented girl and is due to the stars"!



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