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The Royal Hotel (1956-61) in Copenhagen is one of Arne Jacobsen´s masterpieces. For the furnishing of the hotel Arne Jacobsen designed several pieces of furniture, lamps and fabrics, and also cutlery, glasses, and door handles. As significant counterpoints to the stiffly upright, monumental building his easy chairs, "the Swan" and "the Egg", stand out as organic sculptures. Swan & Egg chair
Design Arne Jacobsen

During the 1960´es Arne Jacobsen turned to forms as the circle, cylinder, triangle, and cubus. On the whole, his mind as an architect began to influence his design. Both the stainless steel tableware set "Cylinda-Line" and the lamp series "AJ" reflect this. Common to all Arne Jacobsen´s designs is that they have become international design classics.