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»Gallery« was designed for the art society Kunstforeningen Gammel Strand in Copenhagen and financially supported by Denmarks Nationalbank’s Anniversary Foundation of 1968. In 1995 - 98 Hans Sandgren Jakobsen in cooperation with Fredericia Furniture developed the sculptural, yet simple and non-directional stool. »Gallery«, demonstrates the art of the impossible: shaping the veneer in three dimensions, which was initially considered unrealistic. However, the designer persisted working on the prototype until he succeded in creating this unique design.
Forsnäs Sweden, 1999 · The Architectural Review Award for product excellence at Spectrum, England, 1999 · Idea Award Bronze, USA, 1999 · Furniture Award, Magazin Bo Bedre, Denmark, 1999 · International Interior Design Award, FX Magazine, England, 1999 · California’s Interior Design Association’s product award, USA, 1999 · Good Design Award, G-Mart 2000 in Japan.