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The well known furniture designer Hans Sandgren Jakobsen's awarded Stool Gallery has been chosen as the third scale model in the popular series from 1:6 DESIGN.

The first two miniature models were Arne Jacobsen's stacking chairs "The Seven" and The Ant. With Gallery the young generation of Danish furniture designers is now represented in miniature. The miniatures are especially popular as collector items and as business presents. The small models are sold all over the world by museum shops and exclusive furniture and trend shops.

Gallery was designed 1998 for the art society Kunstforeningen Gammel Strand, Copenhagen in cooperation with Fredericia Furniture. Since then "the luxury stump" has been awarded all over the world e.g. California's Interior Design Association's Product Award, USA 1999, Good Design Award, G-Mart 2000 Japan and Furniture Award, Magazine Bo Bedre, Denmark 1999. To day "Gallery" can be found in many museums and galleries and it has become a cult furniture among the younger generation.

In scale model Gallery consists of four layers of knife cut maple or walnut veneer and two layers of cloth. It is handmade and shaped like the original. Shaping the veneer in three dimensions was initially considered unrealistic. The designer, however, persisted working on the prototype until he succeeded in creating this unique design, which is now replicated in scale model.

The miniature is delivered in a handy box including a 16 pages booklet on the furniture designer and the product in Danish, English and German language.

The Gallery miniature is available in maple and walnut.

8,8 x 9,0 x 4,0 cm.

US price $110 each incl.sending
Euro price €95 each incl.sending