Materia has this year decided to collaborate with two of the most experienced designers in the business, Peter Karpf, 70, and Stig Ahlström, 67. The result of this alliance is two new and exciting product ranges. “See it as a backlash against the obsession in society with trends and youth. Or just as good design,” says Lars Bülow,
CEO at Materia.

The year’s new products from Materia are designed by five designers, of which two are real pros in the industry. “The energy generated by young designers is amazing but they are naturally enough not very experienced. A designer who has been around a while has developed a personal design language and often a more developed sensitivity for the material,” says Lars Bülow.

The Dane Peter Karpf has inspected chairs and seating for 30 years. With the new `Pipe´ chair, developed for Materia, Karpf has instead revamped the traditional chair. The Pipe has a springy seat which makes its unusually comfortable. By pressing the wood in place in the frame of the chair, both the seat and back are fixed in place without using any screws.

“If something seems impossible, I force myself to think as if it were possible. And it actually happens,” says Peter Karpf.

The Swedish architect and designer Stig Ahlström has designed among others the departures lounge at Arlanda and the SAS main office in Solna in Stockholm. He has been fascinated for a long time with the design of scissors and pliers and how their components are linked together. And now he contributes to Materia’s range with the Xtra folding chair, the design of which is inspired by the hinge in a scissors or the joint as he refers to it.

“Xtra´ looks simple, but the loading on the joint is great and it required advanced
technology to make it hold,” says Ahlström.

A third name behind Materia’s new products for 2011 is the industrial designer Carl
Öjerstam who designed the elegant and technically advanced table, Cone, the easy to manage waste basket, Pop, and the Array coat rack which is both stackable and foldable. The products are designed on behalf of Materia to fill specific openings in our range and for which Öjerstam as an industrial designer came up with new solutions.

He has for instance used the most advanced technological solutions and material
applications normally not used in the furniture and interior industry.
“The tabletop fixtures are completely invisible, the table can be easily taken apart
and all components can be recycled,” says Carl Öjerstam.

The Product of the year in the Newcomers project is the smart and minimalistic folding table “Ola”. Designed by the designers Petter Danielsson and Oscar Ternbom. “Petter and Oscar are technically brilliant and work with a stringent design idiom. They are well worth the title of materia. newcomers,” says Lars Bülow.

Through the Newcomers project, Materia highlights every year young designers and develop their ideas for production and launching. The folding table Ola is in the spotlights in 2011. The table, which was awarded the first prize at the Interior Innovation Award at Imm Cologne in January, was unveiled for the first time in the Greenhouse at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in 2010. It is to be launched now one year later in Materia’s product range.

“This means that we can offer our customers yet another functional and elegant folding table. The fact that Ola already has been awarded gives an extra boost to Materia’s expansion on the international market,” says Lars Bülow.

Petter Danielsson and Oscar Ternbom have put a lot of work into giving the table a minimalistic finish whether it is folded or unfolded.

“We wanted to solve the practical issues that are often involved with folding tables. “Ola” is designed to allow you to fold and unfold the table without ever having to turn it upside down. In this way, it offers better ergonomic handling. And the tabletop lasts longer,” says Oscar Ternbom.

Danielson and Ternbom attended the Industrial design engineering program at Chalmers University of Technology together and went on to set up the Akka design studio.

For more information, contact Materia’s CEO
Lars Bülow, +46 (0) 705 38 56 05.



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