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materia.realized 2010
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materia.newcomer - young designers revitalise
For the fifth year in a row, a materia.newcomer is being launched. Ever since the architects Kersti Sandin and Lars Bülow started their careers over 30 years ago, they have in various ways supported young newly qualified designers by lectures and teaching on design training courses, and as mentors and role models.

When Kersti and Lars founded Materia in 1992, they had a unique platform with its own furniture production and sales. That enabled them to put into effect their ideas for an annual “materia.newcomer” project. It started with the design group Front, who had already begun to establish themselves, though not in an industrial context. They were given the opportunity to develop their prize-winning wastepaper basket called Bin. Materia continued the project by launching the designers Märta Friman, Fredrik Källgren, Form Us With Love, Frida Ottemo Källström, Sigrid Strömgren and Fredrik Färg.

Lucas Elander Hinnerud - newcomer 2010
– I saw before me an old man with a long beard who sat on the stool, philosophising. This is not furniture for sitting and working. It is too hard and flat. But that is why it is better suited to creative meetings, or a time when you just want to think about things while waiting for something, says Lucas Elander Hinnerud.

The design of the stool Platon makes it possible to rock gently to and fro and to sit more relaxed. Materia already have furniture with the same basic idea as Platon, furniture that is relaxing and stimulates creativity.

– We want our products to be useful. We rarely go for trendy aesthetics. This stool speaks for itself. It is simple and functional. While very stable, it invites movement. There must be some personal appeal that generates energy and excitement in a product. Lucas has artistic integrity. His thinking is innovative and functional. He is thoughtful and consistent. That is probably what originally drew us to him and his stool says Lars Bülow, CEO Materia and architect SIR/MSA.

Le mur – like a room within a room
Sitting high or low on one and the same piece of furniture. That is the idea behind the seat landscape Le Mur that Materia have developed in collaboration with Wivian Eidsaunet and Marie Oscarsson at Murman Arcitechts.– Many of us are spending too much time sitting at our places of work, and if we must carry on so we should at least vary the sitting, says Marie Oscarsson.

Le Mur is like a room within a room. A kind of modular system that can be tailored to your requirements. Le Mur can be round, pivoted or straight. It provides natural screening and sound reduction thanks to its high padded back. On one side you sit high up, with a straight back. On the other side you sit lower down, leaning backwards a bit, with a cushion in the small of the back for greater sitting
comfort. Assuming you want seats on both sides of the wall. The rear side can also be used in other ways. The irregularly placed buttons on the back of “Le Mur” are not just there for decoration. As they go all the way through, on the rear side they can function as clothes hangers or devices for hanging things on, such as newspaper racks.

Murman do a lot of work designing rooms in official environments, and the meetings that take place there. As architects, our focus is on the room rather than just the individual pieces of furniture. This goes hand in hand with Materia’s design philosophy. We want our furniture to make things easier in people’s day-to-day lives, so that they are happy at their places of work, and in other public contexts. And we believe that the way to get there is by being unconventional, and having some fun on the way there” says Lars Bülow, CEO Materia architect SIR/MSA. 2010
PLATON design Lucas Elander Hinnerud
LE MUR design Murman Architects; Marie Oscarsson, Wivian Eidsaunet
ANGLE design Lars Pettersson, Thomas Bernstrand
PLINT Beam design Kersti Sandin & Lars Bülow
ELEMENT Beam Sofa design Kersti Sandin & Lars Bülow
ELEMENT WASTE BASKET design Kersti Sandin & Lars Bülow

designer: lars pettersson, thomas bernstrand
Angle is an expandable conference table whose form and character gives a light and airy impression. Angle radiates flexibility and efficiency. It will easily fit into many different environments, as the table is available in several formats and variants. The legs of the conference table have well-made details in the form of joints in die-cast aluminium, in white or black powder lacquer. Accessories include a square cable access with protective edging and an associated cable net.

element beam sofa
designer: sandin & bülow
The Element easy chair with its distinct shape is now also available as beam furniture. The distance between the seat and the back has several well thought out functions. It provides good sitting comfort, makes cleaning easier, and makes it easy to exchange seat and back components. Element Beam Sofa can be supplemented with armrests in black rubber lacquer, a table in white compact laminate and a waste bin fi tted to the beam frame. The seat is available in two heights -- normal and high. Like a chameleon, Element Beam Sofa can adapt to different environments, and lends itself to various arrangements.

plint beam
designer: sandin & bülow
Plint Beam is a further development of the distinctive and trend-setting Plint bench. It is intended for situations where people have to wait awhile – airports, hospitals and public waiting rooms. Thanks to its slender shape, Plint Beam takes little space and is easy to position. The slightly greater height of the seats provides sitting support that is both comfortable and functional. Plint Beam can be supplemented with easy to grip armrests, surface treated with black rubber lacquer.

designer: sandin & bülow

Element is a stable and durable waste paper basket developed to meet the requirements in public environments. The materials are powder-coated
sheet steel and chromium-plated steel tubing. An easily removable collar of moulded rubber conceals the rubbish bag and keeps it in place. The bag is therefore easy to exchange. The waste paper basket is available as a double fl oor model in two sizes, and a single one for mounting on walls. The smaller waste paper basket can also be attached to the Element Beam Sofa With its neat design, the Element waste paper basket fi ts into most public furnishings.


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