Stockholm Furniture Fair
Pressinformation February 2008

Wow! Hush! Aha!

Three up-and-coming Swedish designers represent Materia at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2008. Carl Öjerstam shows an easy chair made to act as the epicentre of the room. The winner of the 2008 Guldsyrsan Award, Sigrid Strömgren, presents a table which, despite – or thanks to – its discreet appearal, serves as a talking piece. Frida Ottemo Källström makes her debut with a rocking stool, which activates most human senses. Three ambitious designers, each with an individual expression, who together materialize Materia’s meeting concept, underlining the thesis that playfulness and function go hand in hand. Ideas materialized.

Wow! The notion of being in the midst of things.

Omni easy chair, stool, table
Design Carl Öjerstam

Industrial designer Carl Öjerstam offers a subtle surprise: an exquisite easy chair, firmly anchored on four legs, yet rotating 360°.

– Omni is an intuitive feeling linked to a form, the notion of being in the midst of things, as Carl puts it.

The name means ’radiating around’. The idea, as with most of Materia’s sitting furniture, is to combine active sitting with keeping in touch.

– Imagine a hotel lobby furnished with numerous sitting groups. A bunch of guests enter and sit down. First they talk to each other across the table, the next moment they turn around to admire the view or address someone at the neighbouring table.

The built-in movement underlines the form and helps the architect form a graphic room.

Hush! Silence takes form.

Silent Whisper table
Design Sigrid Strömgren

Sigrid Strömgren earned a master’s degree in design from The School of Design and Crafts at Göteborg University in 2007. Her specialty is to integrate audio aspects into furniture design. Not dampening the sound, nor isolating the ear, but going straight to the source of the problem and preventing noise from arising in the first place. That is the ingenious idea of Sigrid Strömgren, now realised by Materia in the Silent Whisper table.

– It is ironic, isn’t it, that spaces intended for relaxation, conversation and personal meetings are often the noisiest? Sigrid says.

The selected materials basically halve the sound generated (a 10 dB reduction) compared to ordinary laminate structures. The tabletop is unique in the sense that it gets to the root of the problem. Unlike ordinary sound absorbers, which primarily dampen lingering tones, Sigrid’s solution prevents noise from arising in the first place.

– The secret? The top layer of laminate conceals a vibration absorbing
material that basically eliminates production of sharp sounds. The proof? Put
down your coffee cup and pay attention! Sigrid says.

A patent is being sought for the design, which now has been realised in cooperation with Materia, and which earned her the 2008 Guldsyrsan Award.

Aha! A stool that engages body and senses.

Limpan rocking stool
Design Frida Ottemo Källström

Swedish designer and architect Frida Ottemo Källström earned her masters degree from Stockholm University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in 2006. As a designer she has an eye for artefacts with history.

– I want to offer eureka experiences. Nostalgia and creativity makes a good team. I take old things and give them new functions, Frida says. The banana seat Limpan which she has designed for Materia is a typical example.

– Old bicycles fascinate me, that is what gave me the idea of developing another sitting tool using this theme. Imagine riding through the countryside on a banana seat, or rocking through the landscape of an office! Frida says.

Limpan is intended for active sitting, thus fitting naturally into the Materia meeting concept. The design language is light and playful. The rocking movement activates the body and helps release tension. Furthermore, it engages both halves of the brain, thus stimulating creativity.

Frida was first acknowledged at Salone Satellit in Milan 2006. A design reporter described her as ”one of those project hungry young designers who set out along her own course.” Limpan is the first design object of hers to be taken into production.


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