New products 2005
on display at the Stockholm Furniture Fair
at materia monter C10:31.

Monolite sofa with high back/screen
design Sandin & Bülow 2003-2004 

The high upper back section is a practical complement to the already familiar seating series, Monolite. An option that can be mounted on the low-back sofa. The high back creates an encircling space for those seated on the sofa and functions well to
screen off the group from corridors and distracting environments. With a shorter seat depth and higher seat height, Monolite invites the occupant to sit more upright, in for example coffee break rooms and staff dining rooms. The open gap between the seat and the back makes this furniture easy to keep clean. The coffee table in two formats and heights completes the series.

Turner barstool
design Sandin & Bülow 2004 

A rotating barstool on a pedestal with circular foot. The seat, back and foot-rest are all a piece and give the barstool its particular character. The seat is made of PUR cast in one piece ready for covering with fabric or leather. The foot-rest, pedestal and foot plate are all chromium-plated. The stool can rotate fully 360 degrees, which makes it easy to climb on and off it. The Turner barstool is available in seat heights for 90 or 110 cm high tables.

Obi two-pillar table
design Sandin & Bülow 2001-2004

The signature joint in white or black powder-coated die-cast aluminium gives this table its own strong design identity. The legs are of chromium-plated, solid aluminium. A development of the signature joint means that two pillar stands can be joined together with a brace of tubular steel. This gives a very stable construction. The brace is sturdy enough to rest your feet on. The Obi dual-pedestal table is available in standing height or as a dining- or conference table. Table tops are in oak or birch veneer or laminate. The name ‘Obi’ is Japanese and refers to the long sash that ties around and holds together the Japanese kimono.

Obilite coffee table
design Sandin & Bülow 2001-2004

Obilite, a reduced scale version of Obi, is a slender, useful and easily placed pedestal table in heights of 50 or 57 cm. The Obi signature joint in die-cast aluminium ties together the three chromium-plated solid steel legs. The table top is of tempered glass with white or black screen-print, or of birch or oak veneer. The name ‘Obi’ is Japanese and refers to the long sash that ties around and holds together the Japanese kimono.

Cubo standard and table lamps

design Sandin & Bülow 2003-2004 

Cubo is a large cube-shaped standard or table lamp with dimmable compact low energy globes or incandescent globes. The upper part, the shade, is made of white acrylic and the lower part of powder-coated steel plate. Any excess power cord can be pushed in through the decorative hole and hidden in the lamp’s base. Cubo gives a strong impression, and is applicable in a wide variety of environments, from entrance halls or lobbies and reception areas to offices, restaurants and hotels.

Obilite standard and table lamps
design Sandin & Bülow 2001-2004

The stand’s signature joint in die-cast aluminium gives the lamp its unique shape. The name ‘Obi’ is Japanese and refers to the long sash that ties around and holds together the Japanese kimono. The lamp’s tripod foot of chromium-plated, solid steel means that the lamp will stand steady even on uneven surfaces. Lamp shades in various materials lend this lamp a variety of expression. A crisply pleated shade, a striped one in leather and tulle, or a discreet shade with a rice paper surface will each give the lamp a different character. A simple white shade with a quotation or aphorism in black or white gives the product a whole new dimension.

”THE SAINT” lucia crown 2004 
On Lucia Day in December 2004, the year’s Lucia crown was presented, created by artists Birgitta Ahlin and Sirkka Lehtonen. A large crown of broken glass, neon and oil lamps linked back to the legend of Lucia from Syracuse, who died the death of a martyr in 304 CE for her faith. In the exhibition catalogue, Bo Nilsson, manager of Liljevalchs Konsthall, a major art gallery in Stockholm, wrote about his meeting with the work and its creators. In Ahlin and Lehtonen’s installation at Stockholm Design Shop, our Plint stool was included, covered by the artists with slivers of broken glass. The stool is now on display at the Furniture Fair, at materia.lucia monter C10:31.


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