Diagonal is an innovative combination of sofa and space divider for public indoor spaces that is intended for large groups and private conversations.

It consists of two basic elements: a padded seat and a screen that can be placed as desired. What sets Diagonal apart is its 'worktop', which is set slightly above the level of the rest of the sofa and which is intended for laptops or notebooks.

Although there are only two elements, they can be combined in almost endless ways. By combining several of the elements, Diagonal becomes a relaxed setting for small meetings, a private corner for important phone calls or a stylish lobby layout for customers waiting for an appointment.


Diagonal was designed to meet the needs of changing working environments, which demand more flexible furniture. Laptops, wireless networks and mobile phones have liberated us from our desks, and our days typically consist of brief informal meetings and short appointments. Diagonal provides a comfortable and peaceful environment for these very purposes


o4i is a Stockholm-based design office that designs products for well-know international brands. The office designs furniture for public interiors, companies and homes.

o4i has received many international design awards, including a Red Dot Award in 2005, a Good Design Award in 2005, an International Design Award in 2007 and an ADEX Platinum Award in 2007.

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