Stockholm Furniture Fair
6th –10th February 08. C09:51. Press release Martela Oyj

The MyBox workstation is a concept product and its prototype – which is now being displayed – is helping us to find out how customers respond to it. MyBox is based on a simple idea, a lockable desk that you can shut at the end of your working day and perhaps move next to the wall until you need it again.

The story
“The design combined my own personal needs and the wishes of customers”, says Iiro Viljanen, who created MyBox.

“My own desk was often a terrible mess, really. It was covered with all sorts of sketches and drafts, not complete enough to be archived, yet too valuable to be thrown in the bin. In other words, they were papers that I usually looked at every day.

On the other hand, customers had expressed wishes for a smaller desk, one that would take up less floor space, particularly in companies where people spent most of their time outside the office. In such offices, room arrangements undergo frequent changes, and so the furniture should make moving easy and be fitted with castors. After all, people don’t want to leave their personal documents out in the open for everyone to see when they’re not around.

This was the backdrop for the creation of MyBox. You don’t need to tidy up your desk: just close your laptop lid, lower the desk screen as a cover and lock it up – with longer absences, you can roll the desk out of the way thanks to the castors. This leaves you with a neat-looking desk, with your stuff under lock and key. When you return, whether from a lunch break or a full holiday, you can resume working without delay.”

Design Iiro Viljanen
Martela Oyj

Martela's Book shelf is a novel and versatile piece of storage furniture that also serves as an adjustable space divider. Its appearance can be varied by combining the elements differently. With the shelves lined up facing the same way, Book creates a coherent wall-like structure when observed from the front. Seen from the side, and with the shelves empty, Book places virtually no limitations on visibility. You can also turn Book on its side and use it for a low platform.

The story
The designer Pekka Toivola can tell you exactly where and when Book was conceived: It was at Kastrup Airport in Denmark, on 3 November 2006. “For a long time, albeit not very actively, I had contemplated new ways to conceptualise and divide open space without sacrificing the feeling of openness. When at an airport or on a plane, you have all the time in the world but often little to do. Perhaps that is why all of a sudden the idea simply came to me and seemed like a viable one, too. I sketched sort of a shelf into my notebook, and the following week I put together the first – though not highly polished – prototype next to my desk. Then, after looking at it for a few weeks, I prepared new drawings of Book and ordered four of them, which I then painted. I left them standing in my room for a couple of months. During this time I perfected the structure and came up with new details such as the transparent acrylic shelves and the connector for linking the parts. My colleague Kaitsu (Kari Nieminen) created an excellent functional support foot, and the Book concept was ready to be unveiled.”

Design Pekka Toivola
Martela Oyj

Skybar is an armchair designed for lobbies and waiting rooms, with a simple dialect of form that is immediately pleasing to the eye. It is at once both massive and graceful and very comfortable to sit in, too.

The story
Designer Geir Sætveit describes the birth of the Skybar chair: “It all started with a shape that merged opposing qualities. I wanted to make a chair that was both thick and thin, to draw the viewer's attention to that precise contrast. I made the first sketches when I was still a student and they were really quick ones, too. It took much longer to finalise the design and at least five prototypes were made before actual production started. The effort was worth it, though, because I think the outcome is really great.”

Design Geir Sætveit


Movie is an easily modifiable and adaptable series designed especially for lobbies. It consists of only two modules: a seat with a backrest and a seat without a backrest, which can be combined for the solution that best suits your space. The backrest version can also be used alone as an armchair.

The story
The idea was to create a combinable sofa with as few individual parts as possible. Originally, there really were as few parts as possible – one – but then the seat without the backrest was added. You don’t need right or lefthanded corner pieces and the seats can be freely combined to form large sofa groups. Movie’s dimensions make it easy to find a relaxed sitting position with one arm on the low backrest. The design is clean and even massive with the rounded corners. For variety, you can choose from a range of different upholstery materials. Although unpretentious, Movie can be a bold statement in public areas such as lobbies.

Design Rane Vaskivuori

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Martela is Finland’s largest provider of furniture for public spaces. The Office business unit manufactures workstation furniture and the Surroundings business unit manufactures furniture for lobbies and other public premises. Martela Oyj is the parent company of the Group.
Martela has production plants in Finland at Nummela, Kitee and Raisio and abroad in Bodafors, Sweden and Warsaw, Poland. In 2006, Martela employed an average of 626 people, of which approximately 501 work in Finland. Martela’s consolidated revenue totalled EUR 119.7 million in
2006. The company was established in 1945 and it was listed on the stock exchange in 1986.