Jaana Parkkila was born the 15th December 1958 in Jarvenpaa, the same town were famous Jean Sibelius lived for a lifetime. Before her studies at the Ateneum (University of Art and Design) she studied at free art school in Helsinki. In 1987 she graduated as Bachelor of Art in fashion design. During her studies she was often the winner of fashion design contests for students. In 1989 she was given the opportunity to participate together with 8 other young designers in a fashion exhibition, which was held during Finnish Fashion Fair ÉÉ and today some of her early works are at the collection of Helsinki Art Museum. After the graduation, working as a design assistant and designer, she started to study at Milan Artistico Dell'Abbigliamento Maragoni. She says ÉÉ. my excuse for that were the crisis in Nordic clothing industry at that time as well as a deep love for Italian design. The design co-operation with Marimekko, first only at the designer clothing side, started 1993 and brought the designer from Milan to Finland several times a year. Jaana, who feels herself a designer of pure Nordic functional and modern design thinking, has her other leg firmly integrated on continental European ground. Today Jaana lives at a old town "Citta Alta" of Bergamo, 50 km north-east from Milan. To create a design oriented leather bag collection for Marimekko was Jaanas own idea as there was no suitable bags in Marimekkos normal bag collection to co-ordinate with her designer clothes. As Jaana was the first too design leather bags for Marimekko she really took the opportunity to put her soul and spirit into the look of the collection. The result, as we see it today is a modern and very Marimekko looking design. The bag collection, who started as an experiment 1997 with 4 styles, one of them "TriAngle" (the Angelo*), others Backpack is today a collection consisting approximately 20 articles. The co-operation with Nokia Mobile Phones started in Autumn 1997. Nokia presented the products, e.g. Ring Box, at the Hanover CeBit fair in 1998. The idea behind the styles designed for Nokias mobilphones were to create such a high design object as the phones themselves. Jaanas love for a graphical surface-structures as well as for different kinds of pleats (plissŽ) started already at school, and these early themes can be seen in her work also today. The bag producers where fascinated and terrified in autumn when she presented her fancy ideas to create the plissŽ bag and back sack. Zoom and Fisarmonica were introduced January 1999 during the CPD fair in Dusseldorf and the fair in Finland. And from now we will see the new mobile phone accessory on the modern business women of today. At this time every impossible idea becomes possible and realised. And in Jaanas case and in the bottom of her creativity there is her continuously open curiosity towards the changes in the world who drives her to create harmony in today's chaos, were often tasteless is fashion. One of her main principles is too design for timeless beauty, but never for sake of functionality. Every created object must have visual, as well as functional, messages. Sense of beauty is like consciousness - it is universal - it deepens, if you develop it, but fades away, if you neglect it. As every human being feels inside, what is wrong, also everybody becomes sensitive in front of beauty. .. that is the meaning of work. * Triangle, the very evening bag was design so that Jaana always could bring her gardian angel, "Angelo custode", with her in the bag.