A symmetric shapes, interplay of matt and glossy materials, pleats and folds are features that are characteristic of Jaana Parkkila's designs - in her new spring collection, too. COATS The collection includes two unlined coats made of water-repellent polyester. One of them is a 7/8-length matt-textured trench-coat with a multiform collar and striking pro-truding pockets as well as finger-like buttons that empha-sise the coat's geometri-cal look. The other coat has a zip-closure, and it is accented with vertical pleats and a dramatic collar.

In Jaana Parkkila's exquisite linen collection, crease-resistant matt linen is combined with glossy chintz. A long sleeveless dress has a magnetic closure at the hem, which can be used to change the silhouette of the dress from flared to tulip shape. At the front, the dress has a diagonal chintz stripe which is repeated in a long wraparound skirt and two jackets. Besides the long skirt, the jackets can be combined with a slim short skirt or with loose-fitting straight trousers. The trousers are asymmetrically cut at the waist and they have slits at the bottom of the legs. A T-shirt tunic, a hip-length top and a simple sheath dress also go with the two jackets. An exciting spiral skirt with playfully combined matt and glossy surfaces complements the collection.

The collection's jersey garments are patterned with raised stripes in tone-to-tone colour combinations, in blue, sand and grey. The line comprises skirts, tunics, jackets and a dress, all of which are appropriate for many different uses.

Pleats are characteristic not only of clothes designed by Jaana Parkkila but they also appear in her bag collection. New models in the collection include a handbag and a feminine briefcase with arched metal handles that provide an effective contrast to black leather.

The Background of Jaana Parkkila