Marimekko and Designor to develop joint product concepts

Marimekko is the master of colours and patterns, while iittala’s international strength is in the area of form. These strengths are being combined to create new product concepts. Marimekko and iittala products will meet in the lives of their users. We will tap into this synergy in the future as we design new collections for the evolving human living environment.

Marimekko and iittala are trendsetting brands both in Finland and abroad. Both are bold and distinctive. Both are aimed at the same kind of people; the products are connected to a lifestyle. It could even be said that both have acted as models for the modern art of living. The brands are experiencing strong growth in international markets. The popularity of modern design and the retro boom have created spaces for the new iittala and Marimekko collections in top international shopping destinations and trendsetting media.

In the past, Marimekko and iittala periodically collaborated to produce and market individual products. The Kivi candle lantern, designed for Marimekko, has become one of iittala’s international success stories.