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Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the launch of the AJ family, Louis Poulsen has developed an outdoor fixture that stays true to the design and lighting idea of Arne Jacobsen. On top of that, the fixture is fitted with LED.

For 50 years, Louis Poulsen has been marketing the AJ lamp, one of the design icons of Danish architect Arne Jacobsen. Its silhouette is instantly recognisable worldwide.

The AJ family is characterised by simple geometry delivered in a compact design, where the shape relates directly to the light distribution. You can simply see how the light will distribute based on the design.

As part of the anniversary year, Louis Poulsen has now developed an outdoor fixture based on the original fixtures and providing the same lighting qualities as the rest of the AJ family, but this time using the highly topical and long-lasting LED light source. LED light sources light up immediately to full brightness, whereas most energy-saving light sources take a while to warm up. Besides, the LED light source is also ideal in areas with temperatures below freezing point as opposed to energy saving light sources where the light output drops at lower temperatures.

LED is widely considered to be the future of lighting. The light source offers excellent lighting, is relatively energy-friendly and not least long-lasting.
The AJ 50 Wall is fitted with 8W LED 3000 K.

The AJ 50 Wall is made from flow-formed aluminium. The LED-unit consists of 8
AJ 50 Wall - a design icon featuring a new lighting technology.

LEDs, and Louis Poulsen has applied the latest LED technology, where no driver is needed, to the AJ 50 Wall, allowing the LED component to be connected directly to the 230V grid. This results in higher efficiency and improved reliability of materials.

The design of the AJ 50 Wall will add an extra design element to contemporary architecture. Not only will the aesthetic design perfectly complement the architectural design, light distribution will also leave a functional and decorative effect on the building and adjacent areas.

The surface is slightly textured, thus enabling it better to withstand challenging weather conditions and maintain its appearance. The wall fixture is powder coated and available in the colours grey, white or black. The white-painted inner shade reflects and diffuses comfortable lighting. The AJ 50 Wall creates glare-free and widespread downlight, providing decorative light on the wall.

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Louis Poulsen

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