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Collage 450 is an extension to the Collage family consisting of the pendant and floor fixtures Collage 600. The Collage series has become an international success and is sold in private and professional markets alike. With Collage 450, Louis Poulsen caters to many customers' desire for a smaller fixture.

Louise Campbell's pendant Collage now has a little sister - Collage 450. Therefore, the large version changes its name to Collage 600.

Collage 600 enjoys widespread success throughout Scandinavia, Japan and the USA in professional and private markets alike.

The request for a somewhat smaller version mainly emanates from Scandinavia, and Louise Campbell and Louis Poulsen have been working on the new version for the past year. The outcome - Collage 450.

The size is fine-tuned to maintain balance and harmony, and Collage 450 is perfect on its own or suspended in repetition in indoor environments.

Collage 450 is not merely a smaller version of Collage 600. It is a newly designed version, having in many ways been optimised, so that, for instance, mounting is easier and simpler.

Collage 450 is suitable for energy-saving lamps and also available in a professional version with a HIT light source.

Collage 450 is available in the same colours as Collage 600, i.e. the standard colour Snow White (white), Hot Lips (pink), Juicy Orange (orange), Lemon Yellow (yellow) and finally Smoke Screen (smoke-coloured).

Collage 600 and 450 is available from licensed Louis Poulsen dealers nationwide.

We recommend 18W Compact Classic (Megaman) or 18W Softlight (Megaman. Energy-saving lamp comes with the fixture. Collage 450 is approved for up to 100W A55 E27. A 20W HIT version has been developed for the contract market.

For further information, please contact Claus Østergaard, Louis Poulsen Lighting, tel. + 45 70 33 14 14 or cos@lpmail.com.

Louise Campbell is probably the Danish designer with the greatest range. Her long cooperation with Louis Poulsen has earned her international recognition as a lighting designer. Louise Campbell graduated as an industrial designer from the Danish Design School. She is known for her furniture, lighting fixtures, porcelain designs and interior design. Graduated from the Danish Design School, Industrial Design Programme in 1995. Bsc (Hons) of Furniture Manufacture & Innovation from the London College of Furniture in 1992.

Louise Campbell was chosen designer of the year in 2005 by the magazine Bo Bedre. She has also won the three-year scholarship of the Danish State Art Foundation and Finn Juhl's Architectural Award.

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