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Louise Campbell has previously teamed up with Louis Poulsen to create two fixtures that both capture the essence of summer sunlight filtering through foliage.
The talented designer has now created Snow, an unconventional fixture that brings
a sense of winter light reflecting off snow right into a room.

Louise Campbell’s idiom is rooted in forceful ideas and clear images. In Snow, she
has endeavoured to create soothing light that warms the spirit. She found inspiration in the ultimate Danish winter, abounding with pure, white snow that reflects a distinct light. In Denmark, our summertime is so light that we hardly need artificial light sources. But in the winter we use them 24 hours a day. Imaginatively and quintessentially, Snow embodies the six months for which it was created.

In her work with lighting, Louise Campbell strives to create interesting narratives
that spring from her desire to bring nature’s beauty into our homes. In her view,
fixtures should create moods, but never at the cost of lighting function. Louise
Campbell designs her fixtures logically, using the properties of light to best advantage and not for mere effect. Snow meets all requirements of the Louis Poulsen lighting philosophy in terms of light distribution and non-glare.

Snow is designed as two joining cones. The largest cone is the pole and stands
directly on the floor, while the small cone forms the fixture heading. Both cones are cut at an angle at the top, slim end. A 2-kilo heavy counterweight hanging freely
above the floor inside the fixture body enables Snow to be slim. The counterweight
balances the fixture, and the suspension wire also functions as the cable holder. A
straight solution and a creatively conceived stabiliser that conjures associations of a snowball frozen in time in its descent to the ground.

Snow is made from 4 mm thick, twin-sheet formed acrylic with a serigraphed motif,
and thus plays on the contrast between the material and the immaterial. The motif
consists of white dots in three sizes, reminiscent of snow falling. The snow motif
is serigraphed in layers, a method that produces an exquisite shadowy effect. The
snow motif is graduated, diminishing in intensity as it gets farther from the light
source. This design achieves optimum light distribution and non-glare. In places
without the serigraphed motif, the fixture seems almost invisible. Massive, yet
light as a feather. The top part of Snow is made in dual-layer acrylic that produces a salient impression of depth, filtering light while also distributing it in the direction
needed to provide reading light.

Snow makes us feel the play of light, both indirectly through the serigraphed motif
and directly through the four openings that comprise the two cones in the geometric design. The downlight cast from the open cone functions as reading light. Snow seems to hover above the floor, an effect that further integrates the fixture with the room. Illuminating its surroundings, Snow is an open fixture in its light distribution.

Through its unconventional and evocative impression, Snow will appeal to private
consumers and the professional segment alike. Snow can serve as a sculpture and the centrepiece of any room, while also fulfilling all requirements for functional
lighting. Snow is 1500mm high, with the fixture body measuring Ø 350mm at its
widest diameter and 800mm at its widest circumference. Snow is fitted with dimmable incandescent lamps 1x60W and 1x40W with reflectors. Alternatively, it can be fitted with metal halide lamps 2x35W.

Snow was introduced at the 2008 Light & Building at Frankfurt. The fixture is
available as of spring 2009.

For further information, please contact Louis Poulsen Lighting, Ida Præstegaard,
tel. + 45 33 70 14 14.

Louise Campbell is the young, blazing star of Danish furniture design. Louise
Campbell graduated as an industrial designer from Danmarks Designskole (1995),
and is best known for her furniture designs. 1992, Louise Campbell fulfilled Bsc
(Hons) of Furniture Manufacture & Innovation from the London College of Furniture. Louise was selected as the 2005 Designer of the Year by the Danish Bo Bedre magazine. She has also won the three-year scholarship of the Danish State Art Foundation and Finn Juhl’s Architectural Award.

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