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We at Ljungberg´s are very pleased to be able to introduce a new designer to our collection. Johan Carpner is versatile and experienced in several domains within design and has earlier created patterns for “Svenskt Tenn” (Swedish Tin) among other companies. He has also been busy making illustrations and has designed carpets, glass, lamps and also the world´s finest trellis!

This is how he describes his new pattern to Ljungberg´s:
- My new pattern STIMMA is like a playful, resilient movement. The details have their own direction and energy, but at the same time they influence each other. The billowing lines add an impression of depth that can be sensed at  different distances. This makes the pattern function well for big drapes, as well as for small cushions.

STIMMA is printed on our beautiful Trevira CS satin in five colourways. The colourways can be combined with each other and they also match our uni-coloured SOLO Structure on Trevira CS.

The thin variety of flame-proof Trevira CS voile with a white-on-white print completes the collection. Beautiful, modern and useful!



This pattern was designed by Stig Lindberg in 1947. It is typical of the period, characterized by the innovative, ingenious and billowing bulb-shaped designs which we also find on some of his ceramics from the same time.

To our small Stig Lindberg collection we now add a blue original colourway of BULBOUS. We print it on a somewhat thinner cotton/linen quality than the brown colour-way.



Gunilla Gunnarsson is one of the most productive textile designers in Sweden and we, at Ljungberg´s, are very happy to be able to introduce the third pattern in her FLOWER POWER-collection. Here is BLOSSOM for you - on our fine Trevira CS Structure!

We print BLOSSOM in three varieties, first and foremost with colours in the flower-pattern. This variety is called BLOSSOM SPECTRA and comes in four colourways, which all match the uni-coloured SOLO Stucture-collection.

Then we also make a variety where a black graphic contour constitutes the whole pattern. It is printed on the same Trevira CS Structure. This one, which we consequently call BLOSSOM CONTOUR, is printed only in a black version.

Finally we print the pattern in burn-out.
BLOSSOM BURNOUT looks absolutely gorgeous with its black contours beside the transparent leaf-pattern!

Here you find a lovely pattern, easy to use in rooms where you want to create a cosier atmosphere. It is combined with the high demands on flame-security and easy-wash which Trevira CS offers.



Anna Sörensson received much attention during the past year. Her collection KIMONO was awarded the Elle Interior’s prize for “Best Textile 2007”. How wonderful that Anna´s carrier as a designer was crowned with this fine distinction!
At the beginning of March in 2008, Anna left us after a long period of illness. We miss her terribly.

To remind us of Anna´s love for strong colours and how she burned for her last collection we have now produced three new colourways to be added posthumously to her KIMONO-collection. These three colour-combinations was the last work she did, and they were handed over to me only three weeks before she died. Up to the very end her feeling for colour was unbroken! Thank you, Anna!

MOMJI, the beautiful foliage-pattern, is now printed in a warm rust-red colourway, together with a lovely green - the quite obvious natural colour! Both of them are printed on Trevira CS satin with the fine lustre.

AKBAR comes in a very typical Anna-colour combination:
a lime-yellow, acidly pulling at the corners of your mouth!
This variety is printed on thin Trevira CS voile.

If you want to modify the colours of Anna´s patterns to match a certain detail in your interior decoration, don´t hesitate to contact us and we will try to make a special variety for you!



Here is a repeat of an old favourite again: We want to include Birgitta Liedgren´s lovely, delicate pattern GRÄS (Grass) in our collection again so that a new generation shall have the privilege of enjoying it. Birgitta designed the pattern at the beginning of the 1990´ies and she writes the following words, filled with summer fragrance, about the things that inspired her:
- I discovered and I was inspired by the multitude of grass-species that grew along the small roads of the inner Stockholm archipelago, where I have lived for a long time. During my walks in late summer I saw the natural and fully grown stems with the nuances of the fully developed, subdued colour-range that is never affected by trends or short-lived fashion. I picked them and put them together in small combinations.
There were herd´s grass (Phleum pratense), different sorts of hair-grass (Corynephorus canescens and Deschampsia cespitosa) and rush (Juncus conglomeratus) mixed with scentless mayweed (Tripleurospermum perforatum), ordinary weeds, butterflies, one or two grasshoppers and other small insects.
A grass is a grass? – There are many!

Yes, with Birgitta´s colourful words we really feel the pinch of grass-scent in our noses. A textile for summerdreams - the year around!

This year we print GRÄS on a fine cotton/linen quality. A classic ever-green!



Printing pictures on textile is something totally different from printing conventional patterns on textile. Compared to paper, textile is flexible and “alive” as a material. For example, did you know that cotton-cloth becomes longer after a period of humid weather? This is the reason why it is very difficult to print with exactitude and in accordance with the microscopic point-system of which the pictures are constructed. This point-system is called “CMYK-separation” and the name indicates that the picture is made up of very, very small points in only four colours: cyan (blue), magenta (red), yellow and black. This means that, although Lena´s patterns sparkle with colours, we only use four screens when we print her four-colour patterns.

We have now produced yet another of Lena Linderholm´s patterns in this four-colour technique, a quite new pattern for the children´s room, THE TULIP-PRINCESS.

Surely, Lena has composed this pattern with her grand-daughter in mind and, of course, there is a bit of real spangles on the skirt and the princess´ crown.
– Little girls do love spangles, don´t they!

The pattern is printed on an organic cotton quality.
So go ahead and fill the girl´s room with plenty of lovely cloth!



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